Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why was dad under investigation for killing newborn son allowed to return home and kill other infant son in SAME way? (Washington County, Arkansas)

We've posted on dad TRAVIS FOX before. 


Why was father under investigation for shaking his newborn son to death allowed to return to the family home where he killed his other baby son in the SAME way? 

Travis Fox confessed to killing his two infant sons Travis Fox II and William Fox - 18-months apart 

He was under investigation for his first child's death by shaking when his second son was hospitalized and died the same way 

Fox has a history with drugs and anger issues


PUBLISHED: 15:01 EST, 18 March 2013 | UPDATED: 08:09 EST, 19 March 2013

Hard questions are being asked in Springdale, Washington County, after a 24-year-old father appeared in court today charged with the violent murders of his two infant sons - 18-months apart.

Travis Fox admitted to police in the Arkansas city that last week he shook his seven-month old son William to death after consuming five beers on Wednesday and then confessed to killing his son Travis Fox II the exact same way in 2011 after a tequila binge.

And despite his fiancee's shock at his admission, it has emerged that Washington County sheriff's suspected him of murdering his first child as did the couple's church pastor - but no charges were pressed and he was allowed to return home to ultimately kill again.

Seven month-old William Fox, died at Northwest Medical Center from injuries as a result of being violently shaken in his parents home on Wednesday last week.

Questioned by Springdale police, immediately after, Fox told investigators 'that he violently shook the child for an extended amount of time because the child was `fussing,' said officers in a news release.

'He demonstrated the shake and it was violent,' said officials, who added that Fox said he had been heavily drinking before shaking his infant son to death.

While Springdale police officers were investigating the death they learned Fox was already under investigation by Washington County sheriff's for the death of his other son Travis II 18 months ago. 

Travis II died from 'suspicious' injuries in September 2011.

An autopsy was inconclusive and Fox was never charged with any crime - despite the strong suspicion of the Washington County Coroner.

Indeed, after the death of his latest son, the coroner remembered Fox and contacted police.

In addition, the Foxes pastor, Tim Estes admitted to 40/29 News in Arkansas that after the memorial service for the couple's first child, he felt uneasy about the circumstances.

'I have to tell you some alarm bells went off in my mind when the first baby was brought in. Something felt uneasy in my spirit,' said Estes.

But in the aftermath of the terrible crimes against two defenseless children, hindsight is proving no help for those who knew Travis Fox.

Estes told 40/29 that Fox had been known to suffer from drug and anger issues and he had tried to help him as a youth.

Neighbors also said that they sometimes heard the Foxes argue. Angela Robison who lived in the same Olivewood Apartments as the Foxes said she would hear him argue with his wife Tiffany - who is currently pregnant with twins. Family home: Travis lived at his Springdale, Arkansas, home with his wife Tiffany and their sons,

'She would say ‘he hit me’ and he would say ‘I didn’t,’ said Robinson to 5newsonline.

'I would tell him ‘come to my house before you hit her, come down and talk to me’ because we were close.'

'Just, poor babies and I don’t understand how he could do it. I know he admitted it but still hard to actually think of him because he wasn’t like that.

'My kids picked on him and played around with him and he never got mad.'

His wife has claimed she knew never saw this coming and has disowned her husband, labeling him a 'baby killer'.

Incredibly, having escaped punishment for the murder of his first son, Fox and Tiffany had an falling out around a year-ago and he begged his wife to let him come home.

Judging by the dates on his wife's myspace.com page where he posted his apology, Tiffany would have been four-months pregnant with William.

'I miss him so much thats (sic) also my son,' wrote Fox. 'I love the hell out of him. Babygurl I love u (sic) so much too.'

It was while being questioned, Fox allegedly confessed to killing both his children.

He told investigators his first child died after he shook him for 30-45 seconds.

'Mr. Fox said he was angered and tired because he was up for two days without sleep,' a prosecutor wrote in his report.

The report says Fox told the investigator that he admitted drinking tequila the day of the first death and that he'd tossed the child on a chair.

Travis Fox faces two counts of first-degree murder. It is unclear whether Fox has an attorney. He s being held without bond at the Washington County Jail.

Fox also faces a charge of probation violation.

According to court documents, he was sentenced to five years probation in 2009 after pleading guilty to residential burglary and several other theft-related charges.

Fox will not be formally charged until his arraignment on April 17 and A funeral for William Fox is being planned at Wasson Funeral Home in Siloam Springs.