Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dad charged in beating murder of 5-month-old son (Sparks, Nevada)

Dad ROBERTO DIAZ-TENORIO had been "caring for" the baby while Mom was away.


Father charged with killing 5-month old infant

SPARKS -- A man is in jail and has been charged with beating and ultimately murdering his 5-month old baby.

On March 21, 2013 at around 8:15 p.m. officers of the Sparks Police Department responded to the report of an infant not breathing at an apartment in the complex of 1877 El Rancho Blvd in Sparks.

Upon arrival officers found a five month old infant unresponsive but with no obvious signs of trauma. Life saving efforts had already been initiated by family members and were continued when rescue personnel arrived. The infant was transported to Renown Medical Center for treatment. Officers at the scene continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding the infant's condition.

The investigation indicated the infant's natural father, Roberto Diaz-Tenorio, had been caring for his son when his son suddenly lapsed into unconsciousness after he had changed his son's diaper. Diaz-Tenorio had another family member contact his wife, who is also the infant's mother, who was away at the time. Diaz-Tenorio's wife returned to the apartment and 911 was called.

At the hospital the infant was found to have several internal injuries consistent with child abuse. The infant had significant brain hemorrhaging and fractures of the ribs.

Multiple interviews were completed including the victim's father Roberto Diaz-Tenorio. Probable cause was developed to arrest Diaz-Tenorio for Child Abuse Causing Substantial Body Harm. On March 22, 2013 Diaz-Tenorio was booked into the Washoe County Detention Facility on that charge.

The infant's condition continued to deteriorate and on March 23, 2013 the infant was pronounced dead at the hopital.

The continuing investigation indicates Roberto Diaz-Tenorio inflicted the injury that caused the death of his son. Roberto Diaz-Tenorio is still in custody at the Washoe County Detection Facility. His charge is being amended to Open Murder.