Monday, March 4, 2013

Dad sentenced to up to 15 years for killing infant daughter (Queens, New York)

Dad is identified as HANG BIN LI.

Queens father sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for shaking infant daughter to death


Last Updated: 3:05 PM, March 4, 2013 Posted: 3:04 PM, March 4, 2013

An angry judge threw the book at a brutal Queens father today, sentencing him to five to 15 years in jail in the violent shaking death of his infant daughter.

"The blood of Annie is on your hands and the stain will never wash away," said Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter before he sentenced Hang Bin Li, 28, who was convicted last month of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

Prosecutors said that in October 2007, Li violently shook his daughter, Annie, and slammed her head against an object, which caused a massive skull fracture. The girl also suffered a catastrophic brain injury and broken legs.

Doctors determined that baby Annie died of injuries relating to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Li initially told police that he accidentally bumped Annie’s head on a nightstand while holding her and immediately called 911.

But trial testimony revealed that Li waited more than four hours before he called 911 after consulting a friend and his parents in China about the girl’s condition.

When the girl was finally taken to Flushing Hospital, she was admitted without a heartbeat and placed on life support.

She was declared dead four days later.

Li, who did not testify during the four-week trial, tried to give his account of what happened during the sentencing..

“I didn't know how or why this happened,” Li said. “I wrote what my statements were to the police, three times of what happened.”

But the judge wasn’t buying it.

"Mr. Li we will not try the case again,” Buchter said.

“These are the same lies the jury rejected. "These were catastrophic injuries. Your statements didn't fool the doctors. The jury rejected your explanations that it was an accident, and Mr. Li's explanation to the court today doesn't fool the court.”

Buchter described the case as “shocking, sickening and sadistic.”

The girl’s mother also appealed to the judge, to no avail.

"My husband was a very good father judge,” said Li's common law wife, Ying. “Please be lenient in your sentence. I was there that day, I saw everything. He didn't intentionally hurt Annie."

Ying was also originally charged with manslaughter until her case was dismissed a week before the trial began.