Friday, March 15, 2013

Ten-year-old son dies from beating by custodial father (Multan, Pakistan)

This is what happens in a culture where fathers rights are institutionalized, and mothers have none. Even fathers with criminal records get complete control of the kids. Not one word here on what happened to this poor boy's mother. Typical in that the mother is erased...but this happens in stories about abusive/violent custodial fathers all the time.

Dad is identified as NASIR.

Brutal end: Child dies from father’s beating

By Our Correspondent

Published: March 15, 2013

  MULTAN: A ten year-old died on Wednesday from a beating by his father annoyed by his asking his stepmother for food.

Bharwaan Mai, Dilawar’s stepmother, told The Express Tribune that her husband, Nasir, wanted to be served dinner first. She said Dilawar began crying at this.

Nasir then began to beat him with a wooden rod until the boy fainted.

She said that Nasir then tried to revive the child and failing in the effort took the body to his father’s house in Sameej Abad colony before he fled. The deceased’s brother, Rawal, told his grandfather, Muhammad Ramazan what had happened. Ramazan then informed the police.

An FIR has been registered at the New Multan police station. Police said Nasir had a criminal record.

Post-mortem report revealed 40 fractured bones and more than 160 bruises.