Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010

I started to wonder just how many dads have murdered their children, the mother, or other related person where the dad's child visitation and/or custody rights played a role. I soon realized that this is a huge project. So I narrowed it down to names from articles I have found that have been published this year (2010). Some may refer to murders that took place in previous years, but are only now coming to trial, etc. Admittedly, this is a highly imprecise list. But it will give you a sense of the carnage.


Freeman, Arthur Philip. Threw 3-year-old daughter off bridge, killing her. Had court-ordered visitation.


Fuentes, Jesus Roman. Shot to death 4-year-old son during visitation.

Garcia, Stephen Charles. Shot to death 9-month-old son during court-ordered visitation. Mother's pleas ignored by 3 judges.

Brown, Cameron. Facing third trial for murdering 4-year-old daughter by pushing her off cliff. Allegedly wanted to avoid child support.


McKenzie, Kelly David. Murdered girlfriend while 9-year-old son was in his home on an "access visit."


Kang, Liu. Beat to death 12-year-old daughter. Appears to have been custodial father (divorced from girl's mother, girl lived with father).


Bacon, Nicholas. Shot to death 9-month-old son during visitation Had joint custody.


Bohannon, Ronald A. Shot to death 14-month-old son during visitation. Convicted of reckless homicide.


Frazier, Timothy. Murdered 21-month-old son after obtaining custody with police help through fraudulent EPO. Mother is now suing the police and the City.


Robinson, Nathaniel. Murdered 3-year-old son after obtaining custody 1 month before.


Mammone, James III. Stabbed his two children to death, beat to death former mother-in-law. Had been granted visitation rights.


Cockerel, Donald L. Along with girlfriend, charged with starving, beating to death 3-year-old daughter. Dad had "shared custody," but had been refusing to return the child to her mother.


Hensvold, Martin. Shot his ex-wife "execution style" while she was picking up their 2-year-old son.


Desormeaux, Leo IV. Murdered 21-month-old son during visitation.

Watrous, Duke Lawrence. Custodial father who shot to death 10-year-old daughter.


Copland, Andrew. Murdered his 4-year-old daughter and her mother while the mother was dropping off the child for an "access visit."