Thursday, February 11, 2010

About Me: A young woman speaks about about abuse, crooked lawyers, and "parental alienation"

My friend Annie stumbled upon this young woman's blog today. It is so discouraging to hear that this girl was placed in an abusive home (in this case her father's home) with the help of a crooked guardian ad litem (GAL). But she has taken the first steps in getting out, which is to speak up publicly. Sometimes people will listen to young people, even when they ignore the mothers and other concerned adults who try to defend them.

About Me

May 21, 2009

I was taken away from my mom by the courts over 2 years ago. My dad is abusive. My mom has done nothing wrong. She just wanted to get my sister and my self away from harm. My dad and my lawyer, dave shulman who has been complained about in many cases for being unethical and only wanting money, twisted my mom’s desperation in to parental alienation. I know telling you this will not help me get back with my mom, and home, because i have given up on all easy solutions, but i do need to get my fealings out. Please be nice to me, i am going through alot, and i will try to protect my mom’s, sister’s, brother’s, and my own idenity as much as i can. Please do not ask my personal questions, i am under 18 and will not do anything that could harm my love ones. Thank you so much for your time.