Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"White supremacist" dad with violent criminal history "suspect" in death of 5-week-old son (Largo, Florida)

Dad CRAIG ALAN WALL, SR. is practically a poster boy for fathers rights. Check this out:

1) He has been arrested for violating an domestic violence injunction filed by his infant son's mother. He was not to contact her regarding the police investigation into their infant son's death--but he did
2) He is a "suspect" in the baby's death -- baby went into cardiac arrest while under Daddy's "care." (Mom wasn't home)
3) Dad "flipped off" the mother as he was driving through the church parking lot for the baby's service
4) Mom says Dad as a "very, very bad temper" which leads him to hit walls, coffee tables
5) Mom fears for her life and the life of her other son, age 6. Says Dad has blocked the door and threatened to kill her if she left the home
6) Dad has an EXTENSIVE criminal record including convictions for robbery with a deadly weapon, and armed burglary. And lots of other stuff too. See below.

Just more evidence for what we've said all along. Domestic violence, murdering fathers, and white supremacy go together like peanut butter, jelly, and Wonder Bread.

And you know that Pinellas County has some father-friendly judges: This POS is out on just $1,000 bail!


Arrest report identifies father as suspect in infant's death
By Rita Farlow, Times Staff Writer
Posted: Feb 16, 2010 12:15 PM

LARGO — Police arrested Craig Alan Wall Sr., a Clearwater man whose infant died Feb. 6, Sunday on a charge of violating a domestic violence injunction filed by the baby's mother. A report on the incident said Wall is a suspect in his son's death.

The report from Largo police said Wall, 34, was arrested around 4 p.m. about two hours after he drove through the parking lot of St. Dunstan's Anglican Church, where his son's memorial service was being held.

The infant, Craig Wall Jr., was rushed to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg on Feb. 5 after he went into cardiac arrest while in his father's care at the family's Clearwater apartment. The child's mother was not home, according to Clearwater police, who are investigating the death.

The 5-week-old baby died at the hospital the next day.

According to the Largo arrest report, the infant's mother obtained an injunction on Feb. 8 that forbade Wall Sr. from contacting her because of an investigation by Clearwater police "that (Wall Sr.) was suspected of being the one responsible for the infant's death."

Clearwater police declined to comment Tuesday on whether Wall is a suspect in his baby's death. Police spokeswoman Beth Watts said investigators are waiting for results from the medical examiner and that the investigation is "ongoing."

According to an arrest report, Wall led a friend to the church and asked the friend to videotape the service and read a statement that Wall had prepared.

The infant's mother told police that Wall "flipped her off" when he drove through the church parking lot.

In her petition for the injunction, the baby's mother, 29-year-old Laura Taft, said that Wall "has a very, very bad temper," which sometimes leads to him hitting walls or the coffee table.

Taft said, on Jan. 25, Wall tried to hit the family dog because she had eaten something off of the floor. Taft said she tried to leave the apartment with the children, but Wall blocked the doorway and threatened to kill her if she left.

Taft said she feared for her life and the life of her other son, Connor Taft, who will turn 6 on Saturday.

Wall was released from state prison in September 2008 after serving 14 years for a 1994 robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary and grand theft auto.

According to court documents, Wall was 18 when he barged into a St. Petersburg home in November 1993 and pointed a gun at a North Carolina couple who were in town visiting a relative. He demanded the couple's keys and stole their car.

Wall had been arrested as a juvenile for burglary and arson, according to a sentencing sheet attached to that court file.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Wall has multiple white supremacy tattoos, including swastikas and "RAHOWA," an acronym for Racial Holy War. On his left arm is a tattoo of a "Creativity Movement" shield. The Creativity Movement is a white separatist religion founded by Ben Klassen, author of The White Man's Bible.

Wall had already left the church when Largo police arrived Sunday afternoon. After police called him, Wall agreed to meet them at the Largo Public Library, where he was arrested. He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and released Monday after posting $1,000 bail.