Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Non-custodial dad kidnaps, tosses 3-month-old daughter over bridge into river; mom denied restraining order (Sayreville, New Jersey)

I can just hear the whiny fathers rights guys now. "If this father had had shared custody, this wouldn't have happened! He was hurting!"

Horse patootie. These parents were not married. And the mother filed for a restraining order against him, and WAS DENIED.

So Daddy Dearest punched out the grandmother and took the baby. With no restraining order, she couldn't have called the police when he showed up. Then he casually tossed the baby off the Driscoll Bridge into the Raritan River, like so many leftovers from McDonalds. Driving the Garden State Parkway will never be the same. Whadda a loving daddie.

Dad SHAMSHIDDIN ABDUR-RAHIM has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon.

Note that after Daddy disposed of the infant, he drove to Atlantic City to see an Iman. What the hell is that about?

NJ Man Kidnaps, Tosses 3-Month-Old Daughter Over Bridge Into River
11:02 AM CST, February 17, 2010

SAYREVILLE, N.J. (WPIX) - A desperate search continues Wednesday for a three-month-old girl who was abducted and then thrown into a New Jersey river by her own father, police said.

"I just want my baby to get back home," the baby's mother Venetta Benjamin told reporters outside her apartment Wednesday. "I ask anybody if they have seen my daughter to please contact police."

East Orange police say they found Shamshiddin Abdur-Raheem, 21, at a relative's house in the Sicklerville section of Winslow Township just after 8 p.m. Tuesday. There was no sign of his daughter Zara Malani-Lin Abdur-Raheem.

During questioning, Abdur-Raheem confessed to authorities that he abducted his daughter earlier in the day and threw her over the Driscoll Bridge into the Raritan River while driving southbound on the Garden State Parkway.

After tossing his daughter into the river, he drove to see an Imam in Atlantic County, police said. The Driscoll Bridge goes over the Raritan River and connects Sayreville and Woodbridge. Its location is just across from Staten Island, on the other side of the Raritan Bay.

Police say Abdur-Raheem kidnapped his daughter from at an apartment on South Harrison Street in East Orange at 4:19 p.m. following an argument with the girl's grandmother.

He allegedly punched the elderly woman in the face and ripped the girl from her arms, says East Orange Police Sgt. Andrew Dielmo.

Abdur-Raheem fled the apartment in a minivan with his daughter in tow.

The grandmother ran after Abdur-Raheem and threw herself on the hood of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the abduction.

Reports say Abdur-Raheem climbed into the minivan's passenger seat and an unidentified man was waiting for him in the driver's seat.

Dielmo says that while Abdur-Raheem is the biological father of the infant, he does not have custody rights. He and the child's mother are not married.

According Mitchell Liebowitz, Benjamin's attorney, she filed a restraining order against Abdur-Raheem Tuesday, but he did not yet recieve it.

An Amber Alert was issued for Zara. She was born on Nov. 19 2009 and last seen wearing green pajamas.

Abdur-Raheem has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

The temperature in Sayreville dropped to 28 degrees Farhenheit Tuesday night and only reached a high of 38 degrees that day.