Monday, February 22, 2010

Dad charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree assault against 6-week-old son (Graham, Washington)

Dad DAVID EDWARD RIEDEL should never be allowed around any baby or child as long as he lives. Given his violent criminal record (which includes a child assault charge in 1994), he should have been banned from contact with any children years ago.

This MONSTER essentially abused and tortured this infant from birth. There was no "snap" or sudden loss of temper, no one-time event. This was on-going. This guy is a complete POS who should be locked up with the key thrown away.

The baby is now in critical but stable condition. It's a miracle he's still alive with what he has been through.

Graham man charged with abusing 6-week-old son

By SEAN ROBINSON; Staff writer
Published: 02/19/10 6:40 pm Updated: 02/19/10 7:43 pm

Pierce County prosecutors have charged a Graham man with two counts of first-degree assault of a child. The victim is the man’s six-week-old son.

David Edward Riedel, 39, was charged Tuesday and arraigned today. He is pleading not guilty.

Charging papers say the child was transported to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on Feb. 13, listed in critical but stable condition. His injuries included acute swelling of the brain and older injuries to the rib cage and pelvic area.

Also according to charging papers:

Riedel confessed to his pastor that he was responsible for the boy’s injuries and blamed a relapse into drug use.

Abuse began when the boy was two weeks old. Riedel spanked the boy every time he cried, shook him violently for not eating, and stuck a finger down the boy’s throat to stop him from crying.

On Feb. 11, Riedel hit the boy in the head, making a “clunking” noise that caused the boy to have a “dazed look” and go to sleep. The next day, Riedel hit the boy in the head again.

The boy’s mother – Riedel’s wife – told police the boy would cry whenever he saw his father. On Saturday, she was trying to quiet the boy’s crying when Riedel stuck his finger down the boy’s throat. She tried to stop him, pulling his hand away. Riedel got angry and put his finger down the boy’s throat again.

The mother again tried to pull Riedel’s hand away. The boy’s mouth began to bleed. Riedel, still angry, threw the boy onto a changing table, pressed fingers into the boy’s neck and shook the baby. The boy’s mother screamed at him to stop, and the baby began to whimper. Riedel “karate-chopped” the boy across the chest, and the boy stopped breathing. The mother called 911 as Riedel attempted CPR.

At the hospital, Riedel admitted ramming the boy’s head into a door.

Riedel pleaded guilty to third-degree child assault in 1994. He has additional convictions for unlawful drug possession in 2004 and unlawful gun possession in 2006. His trial on the new charges is set for April 8. First-degree assault of a child is a class A felony, punishable by up to life in prison and $50,000 fine.