Saturday, February 13, 2010

Custodial dad accused of incest, fathering teen's baby (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Read carefully and you will see that UNNAMED DAD is custodial, and that the teenage daughter lived with him and the stepmother (the stepmother has subsequently divorced him). NO MENTION OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GIRL'S MOTHER. Once again, the mother in one these cases is rendered invisible and non-existent--as if this child sprung into the world on her own.

Also note that the "alleged" abuse began after the father and the stepmother separated--and yet we're routintely told that all allegations that women and mothers make at this time are "lies" and dismissed by the courts accordingly. Maybe the judges need to wake up and stop drinking the fathers rights propaganda koolaid.

Sounds like Daddy also had custody of the teenage daughter's half sister, since the article mentions that she was "removed from the home" and put in foster care. Why in foster care? Is her mother charged with child abuse? If so, just say so. If not, explain why this child is being further traumatized.

Dad, 41, accused of incest, fathering teen’s baby
Holly Abrams The Journal Gazette

A Fort Wayne man was charged Friday with having sex with his teenage daughter, who told investigators he fathered her child.

The 41-year-old man, whose name is not being published to protect the victim’s identity, is accused of having sexual contact with his daughter beginning in June 2006 when she was 14. The abuse continued until October 2009, according to documents filed in Allen Superior Court.

The man is charged with six counts of incest and one count of sexual misconduct with a minor.

He was being held in lieu of $70,000.

According to police, the victim did not report the abuse because her father had threatened to kill her and her 1-year-old child if she told anyone.

Police were alerted in November when the victim’s boyfriend called her stepmother. He told the stepmother that the victim had learned to French-kiss from her father, according to court documents.

After an investigation, police said the abuse started after the girl’s father separated from his wife, the girl’s stepmother, court records said. The couple later divorced.

The victim told police her father was also the father of her baby. Police asked the victim whether anyone else could be the child’s father, court records said, and she said the child could only be her father’s.

The results of a paternity test are pending. The victim, her child and her half sister were removed from the home and placed in foster care, court records said.