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Dad suspect in baby's death now in custody for murdering mom; had been released on $1000 bail (Clearwater, Florida)


Ex-convict "white supremacist" dad CRAIG WALL SR. was already a "suspect" in the death of his 5-month-old son. The mother then took out an order of protection against him, which Daddy almost immediately violated. She said in her petition that he had "a very, very bad temper" and that he had threatened to kill her if she left him. But just as we saw in the recent STEPHEN GARCIA case, the mother's pleas were mimimized and ignored. So what does the judge do? He releases the father on a measly $1,000 bond.

So what do you think Daddy did then? Go home and contemplate the error of his ways? Of course not. He goes to the mother's place, kicks in the back door, and stabs her to death. Now a 6-year-old boy is coping with the murder of his baby brother and his mother, all in the course of just a few days.

Who is the judge in Pinellas County behind this latest outrage? I want to know the name.

And judging by the comments following this article, I'm not the only one is outraged about this judge.

Hat tip to "Glenn's Cult" for sending this update.

Police: Clearwater stabbing victim was mother to baby who died; father is suspect
By Katie Sanders and Kim Wilmath, Times Staff Writers
Posted: Feb 17, 2010 05:07 AM

CLEARWATER — First he was named a suspect in his 5-week-old baby's death. Now he's suspected of fatally stabbing the child's mother at her apartment before dawn on Wednesday.

Ex-convict Craig Alan Wall Sr., 35, is in custody after police say he kicked in the back door of 29-year-old Laura Taft's apartment, argued with her and stabbed her to death — three days after he was arrested for violating a domestic violence injunction filed by Taft and released on $1,000 bail.

Elizabeth Watts, Clearwater Police spokeswoman, said a neighbor called 911 at about 3:20 a.m. Wednesday reporting a loud commotion coming from Taft's home at Park Place Apartments at 47 Fairwood Ave., No. 153.

Taft had recently moved into the apartment, according to police and neighbors. It was down the street from where she previously lived with Wall and where the infant stopped breathing.

Chino Vasquez, whose cousin lives in the same building, said he saw Taft carting items into the new unit on Sunday.

Another neighbor, Elizabeth Wandell, said "She moved out because of him. I don't blame her."

Wall was soon seen driving away in a red four-door car, and Taft died at the scene. Her body was found outside the front door, Watts said.

Watts said Taft's other child, 6-year-old Connor Taft, was not home during the incident, though it's not clear where he was.

Wall was found in his car in Sumter County, pulled over on the side of the road. He was mostly unresponsive and possibly under the influence of drugs, Watts said, and sheriff's deputies had to break the car's window to get Wall out.

Watts said he was arrested on murder charges and remained in custody in Sumter county as of about 8:30 a.m.

Police are calling this an extension of the death of the couple's 5-week-old child, Craig Wall Jr., who died Feb. 6 at All Children's Hospital after he was in his father's care at the family's apartment, 635 Fairwood Ave. No. 372.

Taft was not home when the child went into cardiac arrest on Feb. 5, according to Clearwater police, who are investigating.

An exact cause of death will be determined by the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner's Office.

On Sunday, Largo police arrested Wall for violating a domestic violence injunction filed by Taft after Wall showed up at his infant's memorial service.

Taft told police Wall "flipped her off" when he drove through the church parking lot

He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and released Monday after posting $1,000 bail.

In her petition for the injunction, Taft said Wall "has a very, very bad temper" that sometimes leads to him hitting walls or the coffee table.

She said, on Jan. 25, Wall tried to hit the family dog because it had eaten something off the floor. Taft said she tried to leave with the infant and her other son, but Wall blocked the doorway and threatened to kill her if she did.

Records show that Wall was released from prison in September 2008 after serving 14 years for a 1993 robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary and grand theft auto. He also had been arrested as a juvenile for burglary and arson.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Wall has multiple tattoos that include swastikas and "RAHOWA," an acronym for Racial Holy War. On his left arm is a tattoo of a "Creativity Movement" shield. The Creativity Movement is a white separatist religion founded by Ben Klassen, author of The White Man's Bible.

Reached by phone Wednesday morning, Taft's father, John Bredson, declined to comment. "It's too soon," Bredson said.

Woman stabbed to death in Clearwater apartment
Timeline of events

November 1993: Wall is convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary and grand theft auto.

October 1994: Wall goes to prison on two 17-year sentences for robbery and burglary and a 5-year sentence for grand theft.

September 2008: Wall is released after 14 years.

Feb. 5, 2010: Wall calls 911 when his infant stops breathing, paramedics transport the 5-week-old to All Children's Hospital.

Feb. 6: The infant dies at the hospital.

Feb. 8: Laura Taft obtains a domestic violence injunction against Wall.

Feb. 14: Wall violates the injunction by showing up at the infant's memorial and is arrested, Taft reportedly moves into a new apartment.

Feb. 17: Police say Wall breaks into Taft's home and stabs her to death. He is arrested in Sumter county on murder charges.

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