Monday, February 22, 2010

"Caretaker dad" pleads guilty to killing 53-day-old son; mom was stationed out of state (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

"Primary caretaker" Dad BRYAN PAGE DINGMAN was no "one-time" child abuser. While the baby's mother was stationed in San Diego, this @$$hole freak admits that he threw the baby into the bassinet after the baby vomited. After that, he slapped the baby on the side of the head three times on the SAME DAY. The baby died of a brain hemorrhage after being taken off a respirator.

Given Daddy's previous record, it sounds like he's got a few loose nuts anyway.

I may need to start a new blog JUST on "caretaker" dads in the military, or where the mother is not allowed to act as a mother because she is in the military.

Ex-NORAD petty officer pleads guilty to killing infant son
February 22, 2010 11:55 AM

A Navy petty officer formerly based at NORAD pleaded guilty today to child abuse resulting in the death of his 53-day-old son.

Bryan Page Dingman, 25, faces 30 to 40 years in prison when 4th Judicial District Judge Gilbert Martinez sentences him on May 3. The plea came one week before Dingman was to stand trial on first-degree murder charges and child abuse in the January 2009 death of his son Enzo.

“I was rough with him. I slapped him on the back of his head,” Dingman told the judge. The blow to the head followed an incident a few days earlier in which the child rolled off a couch.

“I knew that something was wrong with him,” Dingman said of the earlier incident. “I should’ve taken him to the hospital …. Because of that, my son lost his life.”

Dingman also pleaded guilty to committing a crime of violence. If he had gone to trial and been found guilty of first-degree murder, he could have faced a mandatory sentence of life in prison. The normal range of punishment for what he pleaded guilty to is 16 to 48 years.

His son died Jan. 28, 2009, after being taken off a ventilator. He had suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Initially, Dingman told Colorado Springs police about the child falling off the couch at his apartment in the 3400 block of Vera Cruz Court.

Later, however, investigators said he admitted to throwing the child in a bassinet after the boy vomited and head butted his father’s cheek on Jan. 26. He also admitted to slapping the boy on the head three times later that day, police said.

The evidence against Dingman included a series of text messages he exchanged with his wife, who at the time was stationed with the Navy in San Diego.

As part of his plea, Dingman also admitted violating the terms of a deferred sentence he had received on an earlier charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. The charge stemmed from an incident in July 2008 in which he allegedly fired a .40-caliber pistol into the ground to scare off some men from the parking lot of his apartment.