Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dad charged with murder in toddler son's burning death (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I've heard of lots of sickening, horrible torture inflicted on children, but this is new. Rubbing drain cleaner onto the skin of your 20-month-old son. Dad AARON PACE has been charged with murder. I am just sick to my stomach....


Father Charged In Child's Burning Death
Man Accused Of Wiping Drain Cleaner On Toddler Son

A child badly burned nearly a week ago has died of his injuries, and now his father is under arrest, charged with murder, police said.

Twenty-month-old Suliaman Kirkland lived on the 4500 block of North 18th Street.

Detectives said his father, 33-year-old Aaron Pace, put drain cleaner onto a rag and then rubbed the child with it, causing his skin to burn.