Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Single dad continuously rapes minor daughter, impregnates her; authorities order them to get married (India)

UNNAMED DAD. In many cases where the mother is deceased, the grandparents are a better custodial choice than the father.


HORROR: Father makes his daughter pregnant by continuously raping her; panchayat orders them to marry each other

Bhaskar News | Jan 07, 2014, 02:00AM IST

Meerut: In the Lisadi area of the district, a man used to rape his minor daughter after the death of his wife. He used to always keep her locked inside the home. When the girl got pregnant, the nearby residents started having doubts. One day, when the man was not home, they went up to the girl to ask about what was wrong. Thereafter they came to know that it was her father who used to rape her.

When the incident was told in the village assembly, the 5 heads ordered the father and the daughter to marry each other and leave the district forever.

According to the information, the wife of the man died 3 years ago. After the death of his wife, his two children used to live at their maternal home with their grandparents. The elder daughter was living with the father. The girl had stopped coming out of the house since some time. One day when she came out regarding some work, people saw her enlarged stomach and doubted that she was pregnant.

When the villagers asked her about it, she told them that her father used to rape her and she is pregnant with his child. The villagers beat up his father when he returned home and informed about the tragic incident to the grandparents of the girl.

The grandparents went up to the village assembly and pleaded for justice. After listening to the incident, the head gave their decision and told the daughter and father to marry each other as they were physically involved.