Saturday, January 25, 2014

Custodial dad admits to brutal beating of 4-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter (Dongguan, China)

Wow. This just makes you dizzy. There's the step mom AND Daddy's girlfriend (!). Both of whom were initially blamed for the child abuse. Then Daddy (identified as XIONG) finally 'fessed up.

Only one question. What happened to the mother of these kids? How did they end up in the father's care? Not one word here about that.

Just goes to show that mother erasure is as common in the East as in the West.

Father in Dongguan admits to brutally beating up his own kids

On January 23, a four-year-old boy surnamed Cheng, who was covered in cuts and bruises, wandered around in a small village in Dongguan and aroused the mercy of passersby. Police intervened and found that Cheng and his three-year-old sister had been brutally beaten up.

Neighbors guessed that their step-mom was the suspect. Yesterday morning, however, police reported that the father of the child, Xiong, had admitted to beating the children. He also admitted to having done this over ten times in just one month.

Xiong lied to the police just two days prior, saying the abuse was likely at the hand of his new girlfriend. He told police he planned on breaking up with her if it was her. His confession yesterday was entirely unexpected by police.

According to the police, Xiong's girlfriend might be also involved, and the neighbors claim to have seen her beating up children, but no obvious evidence has yet been found. The woman also denied abusing the child, so no legal action has been taken against her yet.

By Isabel Quan