Monday, January 6, 2014

Dad cited after children found living "in filth" (Omaha, Nebraska)

Notice that the mother of these children is not cited, so she must not have lived in the home. So UNNAMED DAD is apparently a single father. Custodial, I assume. But how the hell did this loser get custody?

Kids Live In Filth, Father Cited

By: LeAnne Morman

Posted: Mon 2:20 PM, Jan 06, 2014

An Omaha father has been cited for 3 counts of child neglect after police find his children living in a dirty home.

An employee of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services alerted Omaha police to the home near 49th & Hamilton in late December.

When police stopped by, they found food, clothes and vomit on the floor in the living room area. In the bathroom and second bedroom there were more clothes & food reportedly on the floor.

Police also noted the oldest child was sick with a runny nose and that her hair was stuck in the mucous running from her nose.

The middle child was reportedly without clothing to wear. According to the police report, officers took about 10 minutes to find a pair of pants and a shirt for her to wear, and the clothing was dirty.

The father was cited for 3 counts of child neglect.