Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dad "upset" from not being able to see his own kids on Christmas day, so he murders his girlfriend's 10-month-old daughter (United Kingdom)

Good gawd, this is just classic. Can't wait to see the F4J spin on this one. This sh**head was "deprived" of his kids on Christmas Day (though he got them on Christmas Eve, which the custodial father of my daughter NEVER granted me either). Not enough control! Daddy is angry! So he murders his partner's child.

This @$$hole shouldn't have been allowed around anybody's child!

Dad is identified as JAMES HUNT.

Exeter father allegedly killed baby on Christmas night because he was missing his own kids

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: January 14, 2014

A father caused fatal injuries to his partner’s baby daughter on Christmas Day because he was upset at being apart from his children, a jury has been told.

James Hunt shook the ten-month-old girl or slammed her down while he was left alone with the child as the mother visited a neighbour who lived on his own.

He had been in a bad mood all day because he was not able to spend Christmas with his own young son and daughter, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Baby Kimberley Barrett was rushed to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on Boxing Day 2011 and died three days later in the arms of her mother Hayley Bradshaw after being transferred to the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

She died from brain injuries which could only be explained by trauma and which the prosecution say were inflicted while Hunt was left alone with the child on Christmas night.

Hunt, aged 30, of Pellinore Road, Exeter, denies murdering Kimberley at her mother’s home in Spencer Court, Ottery St Mary.

Mr Martin Meeke, QC, prosecuting, said Hayley left Kimberley in Hunt’s care while she went to see neighbour Keith Gurney, who was alone at Christmas.

While she was there he called her to tell her Kimberley was ‘kicking off’ but when she returned home he told her she was in her cot and ought not to be disturbed.

He said the child had gone floppy while he was looking after her but had then calmed down. He persuaded Hayley not to go into the bedroom so as not to disturb her.

Shortly afterwards Kimberley started vomiting and became even more ill the next day and was rushed to hospital in the evening.

Hunt denied causing any injury when seen by police but said Kimberley’s head had flopped a few inches and hit the bars of her cot while he was looking after her.

Mr Meeke said:”On Christmas Day 2011, this defendant had the care of a baby girl called Kimberley Barrett who was just ten months old.

“At around 7 pm he shook Kimberley so violently or banged her head onto some surface, perhaps more than once, and she suffered a head injury and an injury to her brain from which she died four days later.

“It is clear the baby was playing up and crying and he could not stop that. It was perhaps in temper he shook her violently and then threw her down onto some surface, so as to injure the back of her head.

“You can cause an injury by throwing a child onto a mattress or settee. It does not need to be a hard surface to cause deeper bruising.

“There were injuries to her ear and forehead and anyone treating a ten-month-old baby in this way must have intended to cause really serious harm.

“We say it was not the first time he had assaulted Kimberley and there was evidence of an earlier incident.”

He told the jury how Hayley Bradshaw split up from Kimberley’s father Mark Barrett a few months earlier and she started a relationship with Hunt, who she met through Facebook. Mr Barrett went back to live with his family in Exmouth.

He said by December the new relationship between Hayley and Hunt was going badly and there had been an incident in which Kimberley had become ill for no apparent reason while in his sole charge.

She was seen by her local doctor who diagnosed gastro enteritis but tests carried out after her death suggested she may have suffered a less serious brain injury, possibly from being shaken.

Mr Meeke said Hunt was in a bad mood on Christmas Day because he had contact with his own two young children on Christmas Eve but had to return them to his ex partner and was missing them on Christmas Day.

He said:”He was in a bad mood on Christmas Eve. Hayley told him it was Christmas but they argued. He said to her Kimberley had been whingeing all day and said he would not hold the baby.

“He told Kimberley it was the last time he was doing anything with the child. He said he was upset he could not see his children on Christmas Day.

“On Christmas Day itself he woke up in a bad mood and once people had opened presents he went back to the bedroom where he spent most of the day.

“At about 6 pm Hayley decided to go and see her neighbour Keith Gurney, who was on his own on Christmas Day. She asked Hunt to keep an eye on the children.”

While at the neighbour’s house he called Hayley to say Kimberley was ‘kicking off’ but she was surprised to find the baby was in her cot and quiet when she returned.

He told her to leave Kimberley to sleep and when she went to check her later she found she was very ill. Her condition deteriorated the next day and an ambulance was called but paramedics found the child unresponsive and she never regained consciousness.

Mr Meeke said paediatricians, ophthalmologists, and pathologists who examined the child before and after she died all concluded she had suffered non accidental traumatic injuries which cause bleeding and swelling inside the skull and led to her dying from lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.

An area of swelling inside the back of the head and bruises on the ear and forehead were found.

Hunt denied causing any injury and said the only bump the child suffered was on the bars of the cot and happened after Kimberley had already gone floppy while he was looking after her on Christmas Day.