Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dad stabs to death 6-year-old daughter, ex-wife (San Bernardino, California)

The carnage continues....

The killer dad is identified as JORDAN SARTARIO.

SAN BERNARDINO: Father reported he stabbed ex-wife, daughter

The San Bernardino man slit his wrists, is believed to have stabbed the woman and child to death BY

JOHN ASBURY | STAFF WRITER | January 01, 2014; 03:24 PM

A San Bernardino man called police early Wednesday morning, telling dispatchers he tried to kill himself after fatally stabbing his ex-wife and 6-year-old daughter.

Police arrived shortly after 5:30 a.m. to find Jordan Sartario, 48, with his wrists slit and his wife and child dead inside a modest green house in the 300 block of 29th Street.

Sartario is accused of stabbing his ex-wife, Miraflor Sartario, 51, following an argument early New Year’s Day, San Bernardino police Lt. Brian Tully said.

The couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Jira, was awakened by her mother’s screams.

That’s when her father turned the knife on the child, stabbing her repeatedly, Tully said.

Police said Sartario attempted suicide, but then called police to report the killing and asking for medical help.

Sartario was taken away by ambulance and hospitalized.

He was scheduled Wednesday to undergo surgery on his wrists. Once he’s released from the hospital, police planned to arrest him on suspicion of two counts of murder.

The couple had been living together in the home for about a year and a half.

Police had no history of domestic violence reported in the home. Sartario has no criminal record in San Bernardino or Riverside counties.

Sartario filed for divorce from a different woman, which was finalized in April, according to court records.

A 16-year-old boy who also lived at the home was spending New Year’s Eve with relatives and was not home at the time of the killings.

The green house with white columns and a shingled roof was surrounded in yellow police tape throughout Wednesday afternoon.

Christmas decorations on the front lawn were in stark contrast to the yellow evidence markers on the front porch.

Erica Hernandez, 39, lived in the home as a roommate, but said she didn’t hear the argument.

She said she awoke to police standing over her, unaware of what had happened to the couple or their child.

Neighbors said they never saw the couple arguing and walked by to see the family smiling and waving.

Veronica Crafton said the couple moved in within the past two years. Crafton said she had planned to introduce her 8-year-old daughter to spunky Jira, who was often seen jumping and hanging on her mom.

“I’m just blown away. It’s so shocking and sad,” Crafton said, with her eyes welling up with tears. “My heart breaks.”