Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dad who fractured skull of 12-week-old son gets 3 1/2 year in prison (Payson, Arizona)

Typical abuser daddy coddling. This guy almost killed a newborn, and he gets just 3 years (oops, 3 1/2 years) in prison. Big whoop.

In reality, a father like JACOB MORALES should have been kept away from the baby, period. Men with histories of domestic violence and "anger management" problems are very prone to become child abusers, if they aren't child abusers yet. Especially when the poor dears are pissed off at the mother as this one was.

I'm sure there are moralistic little tight @$$es who will blame the mother, but in reality she had very little maneuvering room here. Her own life would have been at risk if she left the guy, and in today's pro-fathers rights legal environment, it would have been almost certain that this creep would have got joint custody/visitation. Which would have allowed Daddy even more time to get "frustrated" and take out all his "anger management" issues on an infant.

Father Pleads To Child Abuse

Man who injured baby’s skull gets 3.5 years in prison.

By Alexis Bechman
As of Friday, January 24, 2014

A man who nearly killed his infant son was sentenced Tues­day to 3.5 years in prison.

When paramedics arrived at Jacob Morales’ home on May 25 they found his 12-week-old son in critical condition with a displaced skull fracture. Morales meanwhile had fled.

His wife told officers the couple had gotten into an argument earlier at Walmart. When they got home, in the 1100 block of William Tell Circle, she laid their baby in his crib and stepped outside to cool down and call her mother, according to a police report.

“Twenty minutes later, she heard the child screaming and when she went back inside and picked the child up, she noticed that the child was choking and had a head injury,” said Shawn Fuller, chief deputy county attorney, who prosecuted the case.

When she confronted Morales, he denied any wrongdoing and fled.

Officers searched for Morales for hours while doctors worked to stabilize the boy, who was airlifted to the Valley in critical condition.

Detectives learned Morales had previously been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence and he was attending anger management classes at Southwest Behavioral. He was also on probation for a separate offense in Mesa.

The woman said she had left Morales before, but felt pressured to return to him, according to police reports.

Through text messaging, Det. Matt Van Camp convinced Morales to turn himself in the next morning.

Morales pleaded guilty to child abuse on Dec. 12.

Fuller argued for five years in prison given the age of the child, his injuries and Morales criminal record.

Judge Robert Duber II, with Gila County Superior Court, sentenced Morales to 3.5 years.