Saturday, January 11, 2014

Abused 13-year-old boy in custody of father (allegedly) commits suicide (Nigeria)

Obviously, Nigeria is a very different country than the U.S. or Canada. Different languages, customs, and so on.

But remarkably the same in how a father with a history of child abuse STILL MANAGED to get full custody of this child--only for the child to end up dead in the home of the same father and the new step.

The media coverage shows the same evasions we see in the west as well. Notice that the headline announces the suicide as if it were a fact, but later we see that this is actually in doubt. It is very likely that these two somehow staged the boy's murder to look like a suicide.

Notice that, once again, very little is said about how the father got custody and who gave it to him. Nothing is said about previous domestic violence against the mother. Nothing is said about how or why these two maintained custody despite the abuse of this boy.

In that sense, this story could have happened anywhere, because we see the same damn pattern everywhere.


13-yr old boy commits suicide in Ondo

A 13 year old primary five pupil, Awal Osisi has committed suicide in Akure, the Ondo state capital.

But the police in the state is working at some puzzles surrounding the alleged death of the boy just as his step mother is being detained.

We gathered that the boy committed suicide in his parents’ house located at High School area of Akure.

Awal was allegedly found in his parents’ room hanging by the door on Wednesday by using a belt to hang himself.

His step mother Mrs Rukayat Osisi reportedly raised alarm at about 10.00am when she discovered the dangling body of the boy in the room.

Rukayat a petty trader. claimed that she found the body of Awal in the room having committed suicide.

However, the police in the state is suspecting foul play, wondering why the step mother brought down the alleged dangling body of the boy before informing the police.

The woman was said to have gone to the ‘A’ Division at about 1.35 pm to report that her step-son was found dead in the room after killing himself.

Rukayat said she discovered the body of the boy in the room after he hanged himself with a belt tied to the handle of the door.

She said she had to remove the corpse of the deceased and take it to the State specialist hospital in Akure before reporting the incident at the police station.

However, reports gathered from the community showed that Awal has always been a victim of victimisation, oppression and child abuse by his father and the step- mother since his mother divorced the father some years ago.

We learnt that the step-mother together with the father has always been maltreating the boy and sending him on difficult errands.

It was learnt that the father works outside Akure and comes to Akure every weekend.

The father, it was gathered seized the boy’s school uniform and books following a report from the wife that the deceased misbehaved while the father was away in his station.