Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Six-week-old infant shaken by dad dies one year later (Monroe, Michigan)

Dad is identified as TYLER STONER.

Baby Who Was Shaken Dies A Year Later .

One year old Trey L. Stoner died Saturday January 18, 2014.

By Ray Kisonas As of Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 04:21 p.m.

A baby who was severely injured after being violently shaken and whose father is in prison for child abuse has died.

Trey Lee Stoner, who was a little more than a year old, died at his foster family home in the Saginaw area, said the child’s attorney Christina D. Hills of Monroe.

The baby had suffered permanent and incapacitating injuries during the assault when he was 6 weeks old.

“He was a sweet little guy,” Ms. Hills said. “He never had a chance.”

The baby’s father, Tyler Stoner of Monroe, is in the St. Louis Correctional Facility in northern Michigan, where he is serving a nine-year sentence after pleading no contest to a charge of first degree child abuse.

Mr. Stoner, 19, was sentenced in October in Monroe County Circuit Court.

According to a plea agreement made with the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, the charges cannot be changed or amended, according to Mr. Stoner’s attorney, Russell A. Smith of Temperance, who called the entire situation sad.

“I don’t believe he’ll be facing additional charges,” Mr. Smith said.

Monroe County Prosecutor William P. Nichols said Monday he is reviewing the case. #Ms. Hills did say that when the agreement was made, there was some optimism about Trey’s future, however, his condition deteriorated.

She said the number of seizures had increased and doctors were trying to manage the pain. The injuries proved to be too severe and left the baby blind, virtually deaf and prone to numerous seizures.

Trey was assaulted Jan. 19, 2013, and he died Saturday, almost a year to the day later. According to court records, the infant suffered a fractured skull, traumatic brain injury and broken bones. He had been kept on a life-support system.

Mr. Stoner was the only person charged in the assault and he voluntarily terminated his parental rights, court records show.

Trey’s mother, who was never accused of harming the infant, voluntarily yet reluctantly terminated her parental rights also.

The baby, who required almost 24-hour care, was being cared for by a family in the Saginaw area who are known to accept children who are disabled or terminally ill.

“They just loved him,” Ms. Hills said. “They did everything they could for him.”

Recently, Trey went into a downward spiral and died at home. Funeral arrangements are pending.