Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dad with "really bad anger problems" confesses to shaking 6-month-old daughter; baby on ventilator in serious condition (Springfield, Missouri)

Yet another "frustrated" young father with "anger problems" who has probably given a baby permanent neurological/developmental problems. No explanation here as to why Daddy was doing infant care. Was Mom working while Daddy played stay-at-home parent? Was this a custody/visitation situation?

In fact, no mention of a mother in this home at all. Maybe because there wasn't one?

How much you want to bet that this guy was basically unemployable because of his theft probations?

Dad is identified as TAYLOR JORDAN MAYES.

Baby on ventilator; Springfield father accused of shaking daughter
Oct. 2, 2013 10:44 AM | Written by Jess Rollins
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A 6-month-old baby girl is hospitalized in serious condition. A 19-year-old man is in Greene County Jail accused of shaking the infant until her brain began to bleed.

Greene County deputies Tuesday arrested Taylor Jordan Mayes, the baby’s father, after he admitted — allegedly — to losing his patience and shaking his daughter.

“I was just trying to get her to stop crying,” Mayes, of Springfield, told deputies, according to documents filed Tuesday in Greene County court.

“I shook her a few times, but not too many,” he said, according to the documents. Deputies say the father’s statements are videotaped.

Mayes allegedly said he had “really bad anger problems.” He estimated he shook the baby “seven or eight times,” the documents say.

After he shook her, Mayes reportedly told investigators, the baby had trouble breathing; she arched her back and her neck went limp.

Then, the documents say, the baby started to seize.

Prosecutors say Mayes tried to avoid law enforcement scrutiny by not calling 911 and instead driving the baby to the hospital.

At the hospital, the infant had to have emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain.

The baby is on a ventilator and her condition, prosecutors said today, remains “serious.”

Prosecutors say Mayes is currently on probation for several counts of theft in Lawrence County.

For now, prosecutors have charged Mayes with child abuse but have indicated the charge could be elevated depending on the evidence and condition of the child.