Friday, October 25, 2013

Dad murders 5-year-old son, boy's mom because she didn't want Dad to sleep with son (Malanga, Spain)

This account is so full of crap, starting with the headline. A "sofa row"? Meaning what? Two people having a disagreement over what to buy at a furniture store? The floral love seat or the beige modular unit? Please. 

Hardly. Read on. We have a father with a HISTORY of violent crime. He's been convicted of robbing prostitutes, which means he's probably a porn-sick puppy who has a history of using/abusing vulnerable women for sex (rape). He also has a history of violent robbery and attempted manslaughter.

Yet the article quotes his self-justifying bullsh** about how he's a "loving father" who "never abused his wife and son." Really? I guess dead people can't contest this, can they? 

So this poor little thing whines about how he wasn't himself 'cause he was on drugs or something. And how he just can't remember murdering two people. Pure unadulterated CRAP. 

And get this. That so-called "sofa row"? It's because MOM OBJECTED TO THIS PORN-SICK CREEP WHO RAPES/ROBS PROSTITUTES FROM SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED WITH A 5-YEAR-OLD BOY. And the stupid @$$ father even admits it!

Man killed ex and son over sofa row

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:33

A MAN, 36, accused of killing his ex-wife, 26, and five-year-old son in Malaga told a judge that they began fighting because she told him he had to sleep on the sofa.

They had split up in July and he went to her home in September because she was going out with some friends and he was going to look after their son. He told the judge that he wanted to sleep in the double bed with the boy, but she said he had to sleep on the sofa, and an argument broke out.

However, he claimed that he “wasn’t himself”, “lost control” and could not remember how he killed his ex-wife and son.

He claimed to have taken drugs before killing them, and then again afterwards in an attempt to kill himself by mixing them withhis prescribed medicine. He said he is a “good father” and had never abused his wife or son.

He was charged with two counts of murder and two of abuse. He is also facing 11 years in prison for robbing two prostitutes on the Guadalhorce Industrial Estate. He has a record for attempted manslaughter and had been sentenced to seven years in prison for violent robbery on at least two occasions.