Friday, October 11, 2013

Dad jailed for 3 1/2 years for assaulting 4-month-old son (New Zealand)

Note that this piece of sh** also has a history of domestic violence against his "partners" and that he threw the mother of this baby out of the house. 

Dad is identified as ROBERT HAAMI BOYNTON.

Once again, we see why batterers should not have access to children.

Dad of nine jailed for attacking baby son

A father of nine has been sentenced to three years and six months' imprisonment for assaulting his son.
10 October 2013

 "Love you dad" and "bye darling" family members called to Robert Haami Boynton as he was led from the dock in the High Court at Rotorua.

He had just been jailed for three years six months for causing his then four-month-old son grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard for his safety at remote Matahi Valley near Te Urewera on April 28, 2011. 

A jury found Boynton, 40, guilty at a retrial earlier this year. The child's name is suppressed.

Boynton is already serving 15 months' imprisonment for assaulting his former partner and perverting the course of justice.

Justice Kit Toogood on Thursday ruled the latest sentence be served cumulatively on the one imposed a year ago.

He described Boynton's attack on the baby, one of his nine children with three partners, as brutal and violent and his actions towards the child's teenage mother as domineering and manipulative.

"He [Boynton's son] was in every sense of the word vulnerable, defenceless and dependent on you," the judge said.

He outlined how Boynton had thrown the infant's mother out of their home while she was still breastfeeding him.

While staying with others after she left, he and other children had bathed the baby and put him to bed. 

When he started crying while Boynton was having his dinner he'd gone into the bedroom where he was alone with him for about 30 seconds, before coming out with his son in his arms.

The child's lips were purple and his eyes rolling.

An ambulance was called but Boynton hadn't told officers how the child had come to be in that state and, after assessing that the baby had suffered a chocking fit that didn't require treatment, left. 

However, during that night and into the next day the baby had ongoing seizures and the ambulance was again called, taking the baby to Whakatane Hospital.

He was later transferred to Starship in Auckland where severe bleeding on the brain and behind the eyes was detected. There was also evidence of bleeding on an early occasion and the baby was assessed as being abused.

Justice Toogood said were it not for the expert care received in the two hospitals the baby would have been permanently and seriously disabled ... "at the very least".

"He will never be a normal child, or adult for that matter," the judge said.