Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dad accused of stabbing 19-month-old son (London, Ohio)

Why dads with histories of domestic violence should never have access to kids...and why moms still aren't safe even after they leave these jerks.

Dad is identified as JONATHAN DAVIS.


Father Accused of Stabbing 19 Month-Old Son

Updated: Sunday, September 29 2013, 11:39 AM EDT

LONDON (James Jackson) -- A central Ohio father is behind bars tonight, accused of stabbing his 19 month-old son. It happened at a cemetery, in London, early Saturday morning. London police arrested Jonathan Davis. They say overnight, he took his son and threatened to kill the child and himself, all because of problems with the boy's mother.

Investigators say Davis' ex-girlfriend, Brittany Cooper, called 911, around 1 in the morning, saying he was causing trouble outside of her home, because she was seeing another man. "My ex is trying to bust in my windows and kick my back door in or something. He's throwing rocks at my windows. I need somebody to get out here quickly please," Cooper said. A few hours later, she called police again, saying Davis had their son and was going to kill him and commit suicide, if she didn't come to his house.

Police later found Davis in the back of Oak Hill Cemetery, with a knife to the child's stomach. Investigators say he later took off running and was tased and taken into custody.

Police say Davis was also hurt in the incident. He was treated for his injuries, taken to jail and charged with felonious assault.

Investigators tell ABC 6/FOX 28 the child was stabbed in the stomach, although it's unclear how severe the injuries were at the time. He was taken to Children's Hospital, where we are told he is recovering.