Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Primary caretaker" dad charged in death of 3-month-old son; apparently "headbutted" baby (Aurora, Colorado)

We have seen this so many times here at Dastardly Dads. Mom is the only one employed, so the unemployed/unemployable deadbeat father (who often can't get a job because of a criminal history) gets drafted to play "primary caretaker" and "stay-at-home dad."

And as is often the case, these guys f*** it up miserably. They are too easily "frustrated" and too volatile to deal with the stresses of infant care. 

Dad is identified as MARTIN FERNANDO HOLQUIN JR.

Affidavit: Headbutt leads to baby's death

6:05 PM, Oct 18, 2013

AURORA - The last thing the father of two told his 3-month-old baby was, "I'm sorry buddy. I didn't mean to headbutt you," according to court records obtained by 9Wants to Know. 

The father, a 22-year-old Aurora man, has been charged in the death of his infant son. The Adams County District Attorney's Office charged Martin Fernando Holguin Jr. with one count of child abuse resulting in death. He called 911 Sep. 16 to report something was wrong with his baby.

According to the affidavit, Holguin told several differing stories about what led up to the 911 call. After the baby died, police say he confessed saying, "I just grabbed him and headbutted him." Records show Holguin told police, "He didn't headbutt Aiden on purpose."

According to Holguin's arrest affidavit, his infant son Aiden Martin Holguin died from a skull fracture. Doctors from Children's Hospital told investigators he had a "Y" shaped fracture over his right ear and said the baby suffered from an "acute subdural hemorrhage."

The baby lived for 6 days after that 911 call. Court records state Aiden died "peacefully in [his] mother's arms."

The baby's mother, Tailem Reyes, was at work when Holguin called paramedics. Holguin was the main caretaker of the baby and his 2-year-old brother. He was unemployed and she is a manager at a Denver retail store.

Holguin, who is being held on $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 10. He has a criminal drug and traffic history.