Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dad charged with felony injury to 2-month-old son; baby on life support (Houston, Texas)

Another babysitting dad who got "frustrated" and took it all out on a baby. 

Dad is identified as MARK ANTHONY JUSTICE.

HPD: 2-month-old on life support after severely shaken by dad

by staff

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 4:41 PM Updated yesterday at 4:41 PM

HOUSTON – A 2-month-old boy, who had been severely shaken by his dad, took one last breath in his mother’s arms before being rushed to the hospital and placed on life support, according to court documents.

His father, 36-year-old Mark Anthony Justice, was charged with felony injury to a child.

The baby boy was rushed to the hospital on October 21 after becoming unresponsive at his home.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann Hospital were told the child seemed perfectly well until he just stopped breathing, but that was inconsistent with the baby’s injuries. The infant was found to have acute subdural hemorrhage and severe retinal hemorrhages, and his brain bleed was highly suspicious for inflicted trauma.

The mother told investigators she was in the bedroom playing video games with her 1-year-old while the baby was in the living room with his dad. She said Justice came to her saying the baby did not “seem right” and handed him over to her. It was at that time, she said her son took one last breath and “died in her arms.”

The parents called 911 and began CPR until paramedics arrived to take over.

Investigators questioned Justice, who allegedly broke down and confessed about what really happened. Justice said he was watching his infant son that day and the baby would not stop crying. He said his son would not take his pacifier, either, which frustrated him because he had worked that day. That is when he shook the baby aggressively while holding him in one arm, then struck him multiple times in the back with his free hand, according to investigators. 

Justice said he then dropped the baby on the floor. 

Minutes later, he noticed something was wrong and ran to get the boy’s mother so they could call for help.

The child had to be placed on life support for survival.

Justice was arrested and being held without bond.