Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dad charged with manslaughter in beating death of 19-month-old son (Danbury, Connecticut)

Dad is identified as CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS. Not only is he accused of beating to death his youngest son, he allegedly did the deed in front of his 3-year-old son.

Father Arraigned in Child's Homicide

Posted by Mark Langlois (Editor) , October 02, 2013 at 07:57 PM patch

Christian Williams, 25, charged with manslaughter in the beating death of a 19-month-old child. The office of the Chief State's Medical Examiner ruled the child died of blunt force trauma, a homicide. .

Christian Williams, 25, was the father of the 19-month-old child he is accused of killing in Sunday's manslaughter case on Housman Street.

Judge Andrew Roraback issued a full no-contact restraining order Wednesday against Williams having contact with his wife or other son, 3. Williams is being held on a $850,000 bond for his next court appearance scheduled for Oct. 16.

Judge Roraback agreed to seal the arrest warrant at the request of State's Attorney Steven Sedensky. In the course of Wednesday's arraignment, Sedensky explained to the court Williams was charged with risk of injury to a minor because his other son, 3, was present when the incident that took his brother's life took place.

"There was a 3-year-old who witnessed the event," Sedensky said.

Danbury Attorney Vicki Hutchinson appeared for Williams in Danbury Superior Court Wednesday, and she asked the court to secure the 911 tape from the Sunday incident. She also asked that the cell phone taken by Danbury Police be kept secure.

"Text, voice and photographs," may be important, Hutchinson said. She said she was representing Williams in a limited capacity, for his bond hearing only, but she wanted to file motions with the court asking that information from the 911 call and cell phone be preserved for whichever attorney defends Williams in the case involving his son's death.

State's Attorney Steven Sedensky said he agreed with Hutchinson the 911 call and information on the phone should be preserved. He questioned whether or not Hutchinson had standing with the court to file motions on Williams' behalf since she wasn't his attorney on the manslaughter case.

 "I will ask that that information be preserved," Sedensky said.