Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad charged in beating of son (Memphis, Tennessee)

Downplaying and trivializing violence by fathers is common in the media and the courts. 

Sorry, leaving blood on the pants of your child isn't a "paddling" or a "spanking." It's an assault. 

Oh, yea, it's not "neglect" either. That's when you "forgot" to feed your kid or didn't clean the dog crap off the floor. 

Dad is identified as LAVERN FLYNN. No mention of a mother in the home. 


Father Facing Abuse Charges After Paddling Son

Posted on: 9:59 pm, October 20, 2013, by Matt Peace, updated on: 11:32pm, October 20, 2013 

(Memphis) A Memphis father is in jail on child abuse charges after police say he went too far while disciplining his son.

57-year-old Lavern Flynn admits to hitting his son with a wooden paddle after the child hid school progress reports and lied about it.

An employee at a local elementary school called police after seeing the child with a busted lip, swollen eye and blood on the back of his pants. 

Flynn is charged with two counts of child abuse and neglect. He will face a judge on Monday.