Friday, October 11, 2013

Mom almost shot and killed by children's father; mom had alleged child sexual abuse charges against him (Omaha, Nebraska)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice that the order of protection has been useless in protecting Mom, and that Dad has been free to terrorize her for the past three years or more.  Also notice that the authorities have thus far not treated the sexual abuse allegations very seriously. At best, they have gone through the motions. Altogether too typical of the shabby way mothers and children are treated by the legal system.

Woman Almost Shot And Killed By Child's Father In Her Home

Posted: Oct 08, 2013 10:15 PM EDT Updated: Oct 08, 2013 10:30 PM EDT

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- An North Omaha woman said court ordered protection orders have not kept her ex boyfriend away, who also happens to be the father of child. Now she said he's trying to kill her. She said the man took a shot at her while she was inside her own home.

LaChina Robinson hasn't been to her home in the last three days. She said she's afraid for her life because of her ex-boyfriend.

"He rushed in the gun and pointed it right at me," she said.

Robinson said her ex kicked through her bedroom window and started shooting at her. Omaha Police were at her home Tuesday to hear more about what exactly happened.

"I jumped up and started running. Then I heard three more shots which looked like it was through my window as he was leaving out of my window," said Robinson.

No one was hurt, but Robinson said there's a reason the father of one of her children wanted her dead. 

"He has been threatening my life for over the past three and a half, almost four years because I'm pursuing the fact that he molested my girls," said Robinson.

Robinson said she's been working with Police since day one of the entire situation. Officers were patrolled outside of her home Tuesday so her ex does not show up again.

"I have a valid protection order against him which has been valid every year. He has violated it each year," said Robinson.

Copies of a case summary show that Robinson has already taken her ex to court for previous molestation claims. Robinson said her ex was arrested, but refused to take a lie detector test in regards to the molestation for her daughters. Now she's fighting for justice.

"My kids didn't deserve that and they deserve justice as well. And he needs to be off the streets," said Robinson.

She hopes the shooting will be even more reason for police to lock him up. Robinson said she is currently getting more witnesses together to take her ex back to court for the molestation claims. Police said they are still looking into the shooting. At this time the man has not been charged for either case.