Saturday, November 28, 2009

Custodial dad murders 2-year-old daughter, and Mum not even informed a report was underway (Victoria, Australia)

We've posted on this case several times. What we have yet to see--despite months of waiting-- is any explanation as to why the (here) UNNAMED DAD of baby Hayley was awarded custody, and who made that decision.

Given that authorities knew at least 6 MONTHS before the little girl's death that there was "violence in Hayley's home" (an offensively euphemistic way of skirting the fact that her custodial father beat her), it is beyond appalling (but typical) that the authorities did nothing to help this child.

And why the hell is Mum being gagged by the state? She didn't kill anybody! And why is the cowardly media shying away from uttering dad's real name again? He's already committed suicide, so why all the pussyfooting around? And why won't anybody release the full report? Don't tell me "privacy" concerns. The "alleged" killer has already offed himself, so a fair trial is not the issue. Sounds to me like there's a lot of @$$ covering going on down under.

Since we at Dastardly believe in accountability and naming names whenever possible, we'll gladly repeat for the record that Dad was ROBERT MONTEAU. And here are some earlier posts about this case if you want additional background:

Hayley's mum left in dark over damning Ombudsman report into child welfare
Padraic Murphy
From: Herald Sun
November 27, 2009 12:00AM

THE mother of baby Hayley, the two-year-old who died in August after being bashed by her father, said she was not warned a report into her death was to be released.

The Herald Sun revealed in July that Hayley was admitted to hospital after being attacked by her father - just days after childcare authorities had seen her with black eyes.

Immediately after Hayley died, Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary launched a high-level investigation into the case.

The Brumby Government issued a three-page response to Mr Geary's recommendations, but refused to release the full report because of privacy issues and a coming coroner's investigation.

But Hayley's mother said she had not even been told the report was underway.

"I've been told by a magistrate and authorities I'll be charged if I speak to (the media), but I want to see the report. Everybody should know what happened to Hayley," said the mother.

"It's my daughter, so they should have at least told me about the report."

The report is believed to concentrate on co-operation between police, government agencies and child welfare groups.

"The importance of ... partnership to the safety and wellbeing of children is obvious," Mr Geary said.

He said Victoria's child protection system was underfunded and in urgent need of community support.

In August, the Herald Sun revealed authorities had been aware of violence in Hayley's home more than six months before the fatal attack.

"The report revolved around the response of government," Mr Geary said yesterday.

"I thought they clunked along quite frankly. I think the lack of cohesiveness is something that shouldn't have occurred. They failed to work together adequately."

The Government says it has committed an extra $77 million to boost child protection services.

It plans to look for extra child safety workers from as far afield as Britain and New Zealand.