Monday, November 30, 2009

Kidnapper dad wasn't "allegedly" abusive; there are "confirmed" reports (Brevard County, Florida)

Interesting, that after all the reports about "allegedly" abusive father PAUL MARTIKAINEN, we now hear from Florida DCF via Fox that there are "confirmed reports of child abuse by the father several times in 2009." Thanks for finally sharing that with us, Fox. Since nobody else seemed to ferret out that rather important information.

Puts a whole different spin on this voyage thing, doesn't it? So much for the falsely-accused- brave-daddy-sailing-into freedom-with-little-son-at-his-side baloney that some folks are trying to pawn off on us.

So let's ask the next obvious question. Why was a confirmed abuser allowed any child visitation, especially under such a sloppy set-up as the one in Brevard County?

Search continues for missing boy, dad
Updated: Monday, 30 Nov 2009, 4:39 PM EST
Published : Monday, 30 Nov 2009, 4:39 PM EST

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - The search continues for a missing 3-year-old Palm Bay boy. Police in Cocoa say witnesses reported seeing Paul Martikainen and his 3-year-old son, Luke Finch, get in a 32-foot sailboat at a St. Petersburg marina on Saturday.

On Monday the boy’s mother, Christa Finch, appeared in front of media cameras Monday holding up pictures of her son 3-year old son Luke, and his favorite stuffed animal. She says the boys father, 35-year old Paul martikainen, didn't bring him back from a court supervised visit Saturday night, and her intuition tells her he needs his mom. "I'm sure that he's telling him he wants to come home to Mom. I'm sure that he is."

Christa last saw her son at the Cocoa Police Department, where she handed over the three year old to her ex-husband. During a visit to a Cocoa Park, the Palm Bay father allegedly slipped away from supervision. The two were next spotted at this Saint Petersburg marina, getting onboard a sailboat which left the harbor. “He's probably scared... he's never been on a boat in the water, and I'm sure he's very scared," said Christa.

The department of children and families tells FOX 35 they have confirmed reports of child abuse by the father several times in 2009, but wouldn't specify how many. Martikainen is allowed supervised visits, but not overnight.

The boy's mother, Christa, has sole custody after the couple divorced four years ago.