Monday, November 30, 2009

Ministry of Community Safety: No excuse for child abuse (Western Cape, South Africa)

I love pretty speeches, really I do. But I'd like to see some concrete proposals, please.

No Excuse for Child Abuse

SOURCE: Ministry of Community Safety (Provincial Government of the Western Cape)

Parents who abuse their children will feel the full brunt of the law and will have to account to the courts of South Africa for their cold hearted deeds, says the Western Cape Minister of Community Safety, Adv. Lennit Max, who came out strongly against the recent report of a father from Old Crossroads who allegedly beat his two year old son with an electric wire.

Max stated his dismay that these incidents of child abuse happen on a daily basis in our communities and that far too many children face abuse by the hands of their parents who should be the primary custodians of their children. All parents should ensure that their homes are a haven of safety and security for their children and not the very place abuse occurs.

We, as the Western Cape Government, will not turn a blind eye when our children are being hurt and therefore will bring such offenders against children to book. It is a tragedy that we have reached the stage where a child needs to be protected against his or her own father and/or mother.

Max urged the community to report any form of child negligence or abuse to the police and says that members of communities cannot keep quiet on such attacks on children. By keeping quiet, you silently condone these callous and cowardly attacks on defenseless children which make you equally accountable for these deeds.