Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Allegedly" abusive dad kidnaps 3-year-old son during court-ordered visitation (Palm Bay, Florida)

The State of Florida has one of the worst records for child abuse and domestic violence fatalities in the country. Ever wonder why? This little news article will give you a solid, step-by step introduction into one of the big reasons why.

Step 1) Carefully read paragraph #1. Note that Dad abducted his 3-year-old son after a COURT-SCHEDULED VISITATION. This means that this visitation wasn't at Mom's discretion or anybody else's in the family. This is the court's decision. A Court in the State of Florida. Are we clear on this?

Step 2) After perusing paragraph #2 and noting dad's name--PAUL MARTIKAINEN--observe that in paragraph #3, we find out that Dad has a HISTORY OF "ALLEGED" ABUSE against the child.

So that's why the brilliant officials in the State of Florida thought it would be a great idea--not to end visitation unless or until the child's safety and well-being could be guaranteed, which would be the logical choice--but to appoint a dimwitted "supervisor" to monitor said visitation.

Step 3) Now go to the paragraph #4. The predictable outcome of a stupid and dangerous policy: The "allegedly" abusive father manages to evade the dimwitted supervisor, and abduct the child.

Just brilliant, Florida! Take a bow! If your aim is to stay competive as a leader in child abuse and child abuse fatalies, this is the just about perfect way to maintain your lead!
Police looking for dad in abduction
FLORIDA TODAY • November 28, 2009

Cocoa police are asking for help in locating a father who is accused of abducting his 3-year-old son today after a court-scheduled visitation.

Palm Bay resident Paul Martikainen, 36, was with his son, Luke Finch, at Riverfront Park in Cocoa around noon.

A court-appointed supervisor monitored Martikainen and his son because of the father’s history of alleged abuse against the child, according to a news release.

Martikainen slipped away from the supervisor, according to the release. Neither he nor Luke have been since around 1 p.m. today.

Martikainen’s address is 554 Fournier Street, S.W., Palm Bay. He was last seen driving a 1990s model Ford Explorer with a Florida tag of 142-KEA.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cocoa Police Department at 639-7620 and press “4.”