Monday, November 30, 2009

Dad on trial for murder in death of 5-month-old son (Shelby, North Carolina)

Dad CHAD JARRETT BARROW is on trial for 1st-degree murder in the death of his 5-month-old son. It appears that the baby was "vigorously" shaken, which resulted in a fatal brain bleed.

Murder trial continues
Monday, Nov 30 2009, 11:34 am
Olivia Neeley

SHELBY – The trial continues today in the death of 5-month-old Jace Barrow, who prosecutors alleged died at the hands of his father.

Chad Jarrett Barrow is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the baby’s August 2007 death.

Jurors took last week off from the trial due to the holidays. The defense is expected to present evidence this week and should begin to call witnesses today.

The case

On Aug. 22, 2007, EMS responded to the family’s then Brookhill Road home to a 911 call about a baby not breathing, according to court testimony.

An EMS paramedic testified the baby was “gasping” for breath and later “bagged” Jace to help him breath until they arrived at Cleveland Regional Medical Center.

The 5-month-old was later flown to Carolinas Medical Center but died a day later.

So far

Prosecutor Bill Young showed photos of Jace to jurors that illustrated bruising on the bridge of his nose that extended to underneath his eye.

Two linear markings just above the child’s ear were also shown in other photos.

A brain bleed led to the child’s death, according to court testimony. Defense attorney, David Teddy, cross-examined by asking the medical examiner if he reported an “impact site.”

Although his records didn’t reflect an impact site the examiner did testify that injuries the 5-month-old sustained “encompassed the mechanism of shaking and impact.”

The child suffered from a brain bleed that eventually led to swelling, according to a radiologist who testified.

Teddy asked if an event such as lack of oxygen to the brain could lead to brain swelling and pressure within the brain that is similar to the finding.

The radiologist said it could have.

Lake House

Angela Alexander testified she heard the infant screaming and crying as she walked into a room at their family’s lake house July 4, 2007.

Alexander testified to Barrow shaking Jace “vigorously” and said she felt like Barrow was “losing control.”

Teddy said police notes indicated Alexander didn’t tell police about the alleged incident until Sept. 20, 2007.