Sunday, November 29, 2009

UPDATE: Abducting abuser dad, 3-year-old son spotted in St. Petersburg (Cocoa, Florida)

Dad PAUL MARTIKAINEN, who is "allegedly" abusive to his 3-year-old son, abducted his son after a court-ordered visitation monitor screwed up. Now Dad's SUV has been found at a St. Petersburg marina, and it appears that the two took off in a sailboat. Note that Dad apparently has little to no sailing experience, so it appears that he's putting the child in considerable danger.

So let's ask the question again. Why are children being forced into visitation with parents where there is credible evidence of abuse? This is the potentially disastrous scenario that results.,+father+spotted+in+St.+Petersburg

Police: missing boy, father spotted in St. Petersburg
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Luke Finch has been missing since Saturday.

COCOA -- A statewide missing child alert out of Brevard County has been issued for a 3-year-old boy.

Police say Luke Finch's father, Paul Martikainen, was at a court-appointed visit with Finch on Saturday when he took off with the boy.

On Sunday, witnesses called police and said they had seen the pair at a marina in St. Petersburg. Police were called to the marina where they found Martikainen's SUV.

The witnesses said they saw the two get into a 32' Bristol sailboat and leave the marina.

Investigators learned the boat, which belongs to a friend of Martikainen's, was recently painted battleship gray, possibly as a method of concealment because gray is one of the most difficult colors to spot on the water.

Finch is thought to be with his non-custodial father, Paul Martikainen. Martikainen has no known extensive boating experience.

Martikainen, 36, was under supervision because of prior child abuse allegations against his son.

Anyone who sees Finch or Martikainen is asked to call Cocoa police at (321) 639-7620.