Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Toxic" dad with joint custody kidnaps 5-year-old son after threatening to kill the entire family (Tooele, Utah)

This is the great unasked question: Why was a father with a history of (untreated?) bipolar disorder and drug abuse with violent tendencies awarded joint custody of three children?

That an incident like this even happens is testament to how powerful the fathers rights movement has become. Every deranged abusive nutcase gets joint custody--AT MINIMUM. Incidents like this are the predictable fallout from years of undue influence in the courts.

Let good mothers raise their kids in peace--without all the drama and death threats from psycho daddies.

Dad is identified as RICHARD MAMALES.

Police K9 tracks down five-year-old Utah boy who was 'kidnapped by his father and threatened with death'
Richard Mamales, 44, had argument with son Derek's mother on Friday
He then allegedly threatened to kill five-year-old, before kidnapping him
Police launched a search for 'endangered' child and issued amber alert K9, named Max, and his trainer Alan Honsaker were dispatched to help
They tracked down pair to a shed near Mamales's home in Tooele, Utah
Mamales has now been arrested by police, but charges remain unknown 

By Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline
Published: 11:45 EST, 5 October 2014 | Updated: 12:07 EST, 5 October 2014

A police K9 has successfully tracked down a five-year-old boy who was kidnapped by his father and threatened with death.

Richard Mamales, 44, allegedly snatched his young son, Derek, following an argument with the boy's mother at his home in Tooele, Utah, on Friday night.

He reportedly threatened to kill the entire family - starting with Derek - before grabbing his son's hand and disappearing for the night.

He was given a paper bag to sniff to learn the missing boy's scent, before tracing it to the shed, where Mamales was hiding with Derek, at around midday yesterday.

'Max was able to walk into the track at that point and take me to where the suspect was hiding,' Mr Honsaker told Fox 13.

Following the discovery, Mamales was promptly arrested, while Derek, who was found in 'a good condition' and eating candy, was returned to his family.

In emotional scenes yesterday, Derek's sisters were seen weeping with emotion as they greeted their younger brother, with one covering him in a blanket and scooping him up in her arms.

Max, who has been finding missing children in Utah for more than eight years, was later given 'a big handful of juicy treats and a lot of attention' for his efforts.

Mamales, who shares custody of Derek, often brings the boy to the house he shares with his daughters - Tiffany and Samantha - at weekends.

But on Friday night, the boy's mother tried to take him home after deciding Mamles was behaving 'erratically', police said.

The suspect, described as 'very toxic' by his daughter Samantha, is alleged to have a history of drug abuse and bipolar disorder.

Another daughter Lindsi Mamales told 'I know he loves us, he just gets off his rocker without his meds.'

Mamales was arrested ye By Saturday evening, police were still in the process of booking him into the Tooele County Jail.

Police said they are unsure of the charges Mamales may face as the investigation is still ongoing.