Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dad charged with abusing 2-month-old daughter--just days after he appeared before the judge for abusing his 7-year-old step daughter (Canton Township, Michigan)

This case baffles me. Was there a mother in this home? Notice that it is reported that Dad allegedly abused the baby between October 8 and October 14. If there had been a mother in the home, wouldn't she have reported the abuse before a week passed? And if there was a mother in the home who failed to report the abuse before a week passed, wouldn't she have been charged? But no there is no mention of a mother being charged with anything.

Nor is there any mention of a mother responding to the abuse allegations regarding the 7-year-old step daughter.

So was Daddy caring for a 2-month-old infant alone for at least a week? Why were there step kids in the home with him? Did he have custody? Did Mom "disappear"? Is she even alive?

What happened to Mom? With a guy who is this abusive to kids, you got to wonder what he could have done to their mother.

Dad is identified as VINCENT JOEL FRENCH II.

Father charged with abusing his infant daughter

By: Mike Woolfolk

Posted: 6:35 PM, Oct 24, 2014
Updated: 6:36 PM, Oct 24, 2014

(WXYZ) - A Canton man faces felony child abuse charges in connection with injuries to his infant daughter.

Vincent Joel French II, 33, appeared in 35th District Court by video for the second time in three days to face a judge. French is accused of injuring his two-month old daughter at The Crossings apartment complex on Honeytree Boulevard in Canton between October 8 and October 14.

“Is it alleged there’s a broken femur involved in one of these matters?” asked Judge James Plakas during the arraignment. The investigating officer answered, “Yes, your Honor."

The infant child suffered a fractured leg and three fractured ribs. She was treated by doctors and released from a hospital.

Friday’s court appearance was not French’s first.

“Did I not just arraign him on a domestic violence involving a minor child earlier this week?” asked Judge Plakas. Again, the investigating officer replied, “Yes.”

On Wednesday, French answered misdemeanor charges of child abuse and domestic violence involving his 7-year old stepdaughter.

As he contemplated bond, Judge Plakas told French, “I know they’re just allegations, but its a lot of them over a period of time, here.” He added, “I need to protect children from you.”

Plakas imposed a $500,000 cash bond on French and told him that if he posts bond, he is to have no contact of any kind with minors and he must wear a GPS tether.

Meanwhile, the two-month old infant, 7-year old stepdaughter and a 9-year old stepson, who was not injured, have all been placed in protective custody while the case is handled. French is due back in court on November 7.