Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fathers Rights group issues violent rape and death threats against elected official (United Kingdom)

This is utterly typical fathers rights behavior everywhere in the world. F4J once made an effort to "clean house" after their well publicized plan to kidnap the son of then Prime Minister Tony Blair, but obviously it's the same F4J. Don't doubt for a minute that they treat their family members in the same abusive and threatening way.

Divorced MP forced to change locks and install panic alarm as she tells of hell at hands of trolls who back Fathers 4 Justice
•Caroline Nokes dubbed ‘Cameron cutie’ when she was elected
•Miss Nokes now fears for her and her daughter's safety
•MP fell out with founder of Fathers 4 Justice and his wife
•Woman tweeter told her: ‘You should be raped and left for dead'
•Her daughter has begged her not to stand for re-election

By Paul Cahalan for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 19:06 EST, 11 October 2014 | Updated: 10:48 EST, 12 October 2014

Caroline Nokes says she fears for her and her daughter’s safety

A Conservative MP has revealed how she has installed panic buttons in her house, changed her locks, and considers leaving Parliament ‘on a weekly basis’ because of vicious on-line trolling following a feud with pressure group Fathers 4 Justice. Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey and Southampton North, says she fears for her and her daughter’s safety after being deluged for 18 months with emails and Facebook and Twitter messages sent by supporters of the fathers’ rights group, who have made life a ‘living hell’.

They included a message from a female Facebook user who said she hoped the MP would be ‘violently raped ... and left for dead’.

Miss Nokes said that she complained to police but has decided not to bring charges. Fathers 4 Justice deny any knowledge of the woman who sent this or other threatening messages.

Miss Nokes added that the abuse so affected her family that her 16-year-old daughter asked her not to stand for re-election next year. The 42-year-old former charity chief executive, who was elected in 2010, said she was determined to continue as an MP rather than give in to ‘bullies’.

She added: ‘I probably come close to quitting the job on a weekly basis because of what they say. The thing that keeps me going is, what sort of example does that set? ‘

My daughter asked me not to stand in the General Election because she saw the effect it was having on me, but my view has always been: Don’t give in to bullies,’ Miss Nokes said.

The abusive messages started after Miss Nokes became embroiled in a row with Matt O’Connor, the founder of Fathers 4 Justice, and his wife, over childcare policy.

As The Mail on Sunday revealed last week, the increasingly bitter feud has culminated in the O’Connors accusing Miss Nokes and her friend, the former Tory lobbyist Adrian Yalland, of stalking and harassment, which they deny.

Miss Nokes first met the O’Connors in 2010 but fell out with them after they claimed she reneged on promises made before the General Election on parenting policy and the Children and Families Bill, enacted in 2012. The abusive messages started after Miss Nokes became embroiled in a row with Matt O’Connor, the founder of Fathers 4 Justice, and his wife (above), over childcare policy.

Miss Nokes, dubbed one of ‘Cameron’s cuties’ when she was elected, had an affair revealed the same year. She says the O’Connors seized upon her divorce, questioning Miss Nokes’s custody over her daughter, the access given to her ex-husband and naming her daughter on the Fathers 4 Justice website.

‘They wanted to humiliate me and to prove I had done a U-turn on the bill because I got divorced,’ Miss Nokes said, adding she was sent aggressive anonymous letters, threats and even pairs of pants in the post.

Following these, she was ‘terrified’ in June last year when posts on the Fathers 4 Justice official Twitter account, run by the O’Connors, suggested that they were looking for her in her constituency. One post said: ‘F4J protesters working around Romsey and Wellow tonight looking for @carolinenokes MP to ask her why she broke her election promises.’

Another read: ‘@carolinenokes MP can run, but she can’t hide. @f4jofficial in Romsey and Wellow.’

Miss Nokes said: ‘I spent an entire night in my running gear. I’m not sure if that was to chase them down or to run from them. It was absolutely terrifying.’

After that, the MP said she took advice from the police and upgraded her security.

‘I have had cameras installed, I had a security report done. I have panic alarms installed and upgraded alarms and CCTV.’

But she also admits to driving her friend Mr Yalland to the O’Connors’ house in Stockbridge, Hampshire, on February 20 this year, where a confrontation ensued. Mr Yalland – who also claims he was being abused by the O’Connors – was attempting to deliver his own lawsuit for libel against the couple but this led to the police being called. Mr Yalland was held on suspicion of assault but was never charged with any offence.

The O’Connors have subsequently accused Miss Nokes of lying about her role in the incident, which she denies.

On Friday, the dispute came to a head at the High Court in London, with the O’Connors accusing Miss Nokes and Mr Yalland of harassment and stalking.

An application for an injunction against Mr Yalland was refused and he was awarded £500 costs. The case continues.

Mr and Mrs O’Connor said last night: ‘Neither the O’Connors nor anyone from Fathers 4 Justice has been to the MP’s house, targeted her children or behaved in any inappropriate way.’