Thursday, October 16, 2014

Investigation concludes that dad with "longtime custody" killed 6-year-old son in murder-suicide (Mattapan, Massachusetts)

The killer dad is identified as PATRICK MARCELIN.

Once again, we see our Dastardly axiom at work here, that the father's custodial status will be erased by the time of trial (or in this case, final investigation results). Yup, Daddy had "longtime custody." See earlier post here.

Mattapan deaths are ruled murder, suicide

Father killed 6-year-old

By John R. Ellement | Globe Staff October 14, 2014

Patrick Marcelin killed himself in his friend's apartment in Mattapan.

Six-year-old Destin Marcelin was smothered to death on Sept. 4 in Mattapan by his father, who committed suicide two days later, law enforcement officials said Tuesday, announcing that they were closing their investigation into the deaths.

Patrick Marcelin, 49, killed both his son and then himself, according to Boston police and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley. The elder Marcelin acted alone, authorities said.

“The facts and evidence tell us what happened, but we may never know why,” Conley said in a statement.

“The tragedy here is only compounded by the fact that it offers no motive and no explanation. Our hearts and prayers are with Destin’s loved ones as they mourn his loss at such a young and innocent age.”

According to authorities, the state medical examiner’s office concluded that the child died on Sept. 4 from “homicidal asphyxia” when his father smothered him by putting pressure on his neck or his chest or “some combination of the two.’’

“The death of a child is always troubling,” Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a statement. “We express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of young Destin.”

On the morning of his first day of school, Destin was found “unresponsive” in bed in the Devon Street home of Marcelin relatives, authorities said.

His father left the home at about 7:20 a.m., telling relatives his son was sleeping. But when a relative checked on him at about 9:30 a.m., the child was cold to the touch, leading residents to call 911 for help.

Destin was pronounced dead at the scene.

His father kept sporadic contact with relatives over the next two days, during which he vowed to hurt himself.

When police located him on Sept. 6, he slashed his wrists with a kitchen knife and stabbed himself in the chest, despite efforts by officers and others to stop him.

Authorities said that their conclusion that Patrick Marcelin murdered his son was based on interviews with relatives and video footage, and that “Patrick Marcelin’s own statements and behavior all implicate him as his son’s killer.’’

Authorities said they briefed Destin’s mother on their findings and notified the state Department of Children and Families, although there was “no evidence of abusive or criminal conduct by any other person.’’