Friday, October 3, 2014

Dad charged with felony child abuse involving 7-week-old baby (Rutherford County, North Carolina)

Dad is identified as MICHAEL AARON HUBBARD.

Father Charged With Felony Child Abuse

Updated: Thursday, October 2 2014, 01:42 PM EDT

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A father in Rutherford County is charged with felony child abuse. On September 30th the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office about a seven week old baby that was at Mission Hospital with injuries that are consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Detectives with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office responded to Mission Hospital in Asheville, along personnel with the Rutherford County D.S.S. and conducted interviews with the baby’s parents.

After consulting with the District Attorney’s office, the baby’s father, Michael Aaron Hubbard, 19, was charged with Felony Child Abuse Inflicting Serious Injury.

The baby is expected to be released from Mission Hospital within the next couple of days.