Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Custodial dad on trial for torture-murders of 3-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter; non-custodial mom blames herself, though she was forced to give up custody for lack of job (Mobile County, Alabama)

Gee, I suppose if Daddy was really having that many problems with the new gal pal taking care of the kids, he COULD have handed them back to their Mom and paid CHILD SUPPORT (and maybe alimony) so she could afforded to take care for of them. But he didn't do that, did he?

Custodial dad JOHN DEBLASIO is full of crap. He sounds like a classic sociopath who just reveled in torturing these kids. And his new girlfriend sounds about as bad as he was.

'Nobody can blame me more than myself': Mother weeps at ex-husband's trial for choking to death their two children after his new girlfriend 'asked him to choose between them and her'
Natalie DeBlase, four, and her brother Chase, three, were killed in 2010
Father John DeBlase and girlfriend Heather Keaton accused of murder
Today, victims' biological mother, Corrine DeBlase, broke down court
Said she trusted ex-husband to care for them after she gave up custody
'He was their father, he was supposed to protect them,' she told court
DeBlase allegedly confessed to choking to death children in 10 letters
In documents, he 'revealed Keaton gave him ultimatum: her or the kids'
 DeBlase has blamed common-law wife for murder; the trial continues

By Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline
Published: 21:51 EST, 28 October 2014 | Updated: 03:14 EST, 29 October 2014

The mother of two young children who were allegedly choked to death by their father wept in court today as she told of how she had trusted her ex-husband to care for them.

Wiping away tears, Corrine DeBlase said she had given up custody of her daughter Natalie, four, and three-year-old son Chase to John DeBlase in 2008 because she thought he was a 'good father'.

Dressed in a pink top with her hair scraped back, she told the court: 'He was their father, he was supposed to protect them. That's what a father is supposed to do.'

She added: 'Nobody can blame me more than I can blame myself. I know there are things I could have done then. I was their mother I should have done something.'

Natalie and Chase were killed in Mobile County, Alabama, in 2010. Chase's remains were found in a wooden area in Vancleave, Mississippi, in December 2010, six months after he was killed.

His sister's remains were discovered in Cintronelle days later. DeBlase, then 27, and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, then 22, have been charged with murder. They have blamed each other.

Taking to the witness stand today, Mrs DeBlase said she had been forced to give up custody of her 'well-mannered' children after she lost her job and home, and her marriage collapsed.

She said that her ex-husband mainly treated Natalie like 'his little princess', but had once 'popped her in her mouth' when she was suffering from a night terror, according to

She said the last time she had seen her children was November 17, 2009. A year later, she was told the youngsters were missing, Fox 10 reported.

'They were my heart. It may not seem the way they make it look but I loved them so much. I loved them so much and I can’t have no more (kids),' Mrs DeBlase told the court.

Yesterday, Brandon Newburn a former cellmate of DeBlase, claimed the suspect wrote a series of letters saying he choked the youngsters to 'end their suffering' at the hands of Keaton.

In the 10 letters, DeBlase reportedly said Keaton rained 'tortures and abuse' on his children at their home in Mobile County, Alabama, before finally giving him an ultimatum that it was 'her or the kids'.

The father also allegedly revealed that Keaton was spiking his children's sippy cups with antifreeze because she wanted to 'break their spirits so they would be more obedient to her will'.

In the hours before their deaths, the stepmother duct-taped and gagged the helpless youngsters, according to the letters, the TV station reported.

DeBlase then allegedly wrote he 'picked them up in the air and choked them to death... where their bodies hung lifeless,' adding: 'I know what I did was wrong, but she left me no choice.'

The defense contends Newburn coerced DeBlase and cannot be trusted.

Natalie was reportedly killed at her father's Peach Place apartment on March 4, 2010. Her brother died on June 20, 2010, according to police.

DeBlase's trial continues.