Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dad drives battered mom out of home, then posts photos of tearful bruised child online to force her to come home--and SHE's the one to lose custody (Shantou, China)

So Dad--identified here only as ZHONG--batters the mother and forces her out of the home, probably to save her own life. Then this sick f*** beats up their child and posts online pictures of the kid all bruised and in tears. And he threatens to kill the child. All basically an extortion attempt to force the mother home--maybe so he could kill them both.

So do the police help the mother deal with this vicious criminal? Do they help her get her child back? No, the give the child to the care of ANOTHER MALE, the grandfather. Can't help but wonder if this is the same grandfather who raised the abuser.

Basically the same sh**, different country.

Father who posted child abuse photos online surrenders to police

A father who abused his son and posted pictures online in order to threaten the child's mom to return home finally turned himself in to the Shantou police on Friday and has been detained.

The man surnamed Zhong of 36 years old beat the child's mother, who ran away from home, leaving Zhong to take care of the child. In a sick bid to force his mother to return home, Zhong posted pictures of their abused child online.

The published pictures on Zhong's QQ showed the child's bruised face, legs, buttocks and other areas with his eyes swollen and filled with tears, accompanied by the cruel caption: "He's going to die, the blood is coming out on its own, Haha."

Luckily, the child is now recovering physically and mentally and is under the care of his grandfather.