Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom begged judge not to give dad custody; he later killed two son in murder-suicide (Hyderabad, India)

Same story, different country. Dad is identified as GURUPRASAD.


Wife Begged Judge Not to Give Custody of Kids to Guruprasad

By Sameera Jonnalagadda

Published: 08th October 2014 06:07 AM
Last Updated: 08th October 2014 06:07 AM

HYDERABAD: It was indeed a moment of joy at ADR Hospital in Anandbagh for one family. Yashwita, an 8-year-old, was dancing with joy as she saw her two-day-old brother. Her relatives gathered outside the cabin just to get a glimpse of the new born.

In a sharp contrast to that, the people in the adjacent room were in a state of shock for the irreparable loss. The mother of two, Suhasini was lying clueless on the bed while her family tried their best to boost her morale.

It has been more than 24 hours that she got the news of her children being brutally murdered by their father. “I still remember their last words,” said Suhasini’s brother, Swaroop, remembering the time he spent with his nephews. “The second child, Nanda Vihari, suggested that I badly need a haircut. Owing to his advice, I had gone to get one and by the time I had returned, they were gone,” he said, as he tried to swallow his pain. Speaking of Guruprasad, the father of the children, Swaroop said, “Ever since we got the verdict from the family court magistrate, we have been extremely worried,” he said. “Suhasini had literally begged the judge not to give the custody of the kids to him. She had suffered for 7 years and did not want her kids to go through the same,” he added.

He hinted that Guruprasad did not share a good relation with his family also. “Guruprasad had two sisters and they have a long drawn dispute over money and ancestral plots, which he did not want to share with his sisters,” he said, further adding, “He never gave his mother any money. She used to depend on my mother for all her financial needs.”

Vijayanand, the maternal grandfather of the children, voiced a similar opinion of Guruprasad. “He took away all her credit cards and never spent anything from his own savings,” he alleged. Suahsini, being an IT employee, used to come home late at nights. While he used to return home at the same time, he never offered her a lift in the car even though he saw her on the roads,” he said. “Even when he came home early, he never opened the door on time. He used to make her wait outside for hours,” he alleged.

The family, at present is focused on tendering moral support to Suhasini, who was admitted in hospital and is still undergoing treatment. The last rights of her children were performed at Bansilalpet graveyard after which she was admitted in the hospital. “She did not eat anything on the day the kids went missing hence she became weak. Right now, she is recovering and we are trying our best to give her all the help she needs,” her brother said.