Monday, October 27, 2014

Dad gets life in prison for killing 11-month-old daughter and her mother to avoid child support (Prince George's County, Virginia)

Another "whatever happened to" follow-up from the killer dads and custody list.

Dad RICHMOND PHILLIPS was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in March 2013 for the murders of his 11-month-old daughter and her mother. Dad wanted to avoid child support.

Richmond Phillips sentenced for murder of Wynetta Wright, baby daughter

By Brad Bell March 22, 2013 - 08:18 am

The former MPD officers who killed his mistress and left their 11-month-old daughter to die in a hot car in 2011 will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Richmond Phillips, who was convicted in January of fatally shooting Wynetta Wright and then leaving their young daughter, Jaylin, to die was sentenced to two life sentences plus 20 years in prison Friday.

Phillips will not have the possibility of parole.

Wright and her daughter were found dead in May of 2011, shortly before she and Phillips were supposed to appear in court for a child support hearing. Shortly thereafter, the 20-year-old mother was found dead inside Oxon Run Stream Valley Park.

Jaylin was later found dead inside a car in the 2400 block of Southern Avenue.

Thank you Jesus, because justice has been served," said Wright's mother, Wyvette Wright.

She says she's hoped for the death penalty, but she is glad the judge threw away the key

"He is the devil himself, there's no other way to put it. He was heartless, senseless, didn't care about nothing," Wyvette said.

Everett Tucker, Wynetta's father, added, " I just think he is a true monster. I don't believe he had remorse or anything for what he did. I just think he's a true monster."

During his trial, prosecutors spun Phillips, then 39, as a liar and a cheater who would do anything to conceal his mistress and child from his wife. Before the murder, he had served as a narcotics officer with the Metropolitan Police Department for eight years.

Tucker says the sentence lifted a weight, and he hopes his daughter and granddaughter can rest in peace.

"Two beautiful people," Tucker continued. "They still in my life, but they up here with the Lord right about now."