Saturday, December 10, 2011

Prosecutor: 2-year-old was awake when Dad threw her in creek (Monmouth County, New Jersey)

The question I STILL want to see asked: Why was dad ARTHUR MORGAN, a man with a history of domestic violence and crime, granted court-ordered visitation with a 2-year-old? What was the judge's name, and when will we see that judge held responsible for essentially setting up this murder?

Toddler Was Awake When Thrown in Creek: Prosecutor
Prosecutors say Arthur Morgan tied a carjack to his daughter's car seat to weigh it down
By Lauren DiSanto | Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 | Updated 12:07 AM EST

Arthur Morgan appeared in court Monday for allegedly murdering his 2-year-old daughter. Morgan is accused of strapping his daughter, who was awake at the time, into a car seat and throwing her into a New Jersey creek.

A prosecutor discussed the horrific details in the case against Arthur Morgan III. He says Morgan tied a carjack to the back of his daughter's car seat to weigh it down like an anchor, before throwing her over a bridge.

The child was "awake, alert, and helpless" when she hit the water, said Monmouth County Prosecutor Richard Incremona in court Monday.

Morgan is charged with murdering Tierra Morgan-Glover, whose body was found in a creek in Shark River Park in Wall Township.

The toddler was awake when she was thrown over the bridge, according to a prosecutor.

Morgan, 27, picked up the girl from her mother's house in Lakehurst. But when she never came home, her mother called police.

After leaving the park, Morgan had a few drinks at a friends house, before heading to California by train and bus, Incremona said.

Morgan was the focus of a nationwide manhunt until his arrest last Tuesday in San Diego.

He waived his extradition rights in a California court and was transported back to New Jersey on Friday.

Besides murder, Morgan is also charged with custody violation and interstate flight to avoid apprehension.

Bail was set at $10 million in cash.

"Anyone who could do what he did to his own flesh and blood, a 2-year-old baby, is clearly a danger to others," Incremona said.