Monday, December 19, 2011

Dad strangles 1-year-old son to death (Nakonde, Nambia)

The U.S. and Zambia are very different countries with very different cultures. And yet remarkably the same. Where ever you go, violent control-freak fathers kill their children to get "revenge" against their partners for leaving them or "betraying" them in some fashion.  This is far more common with fathers than mothers, despite popular myths to the contrary.

Fathers rights people will often argue that fathers are "naturally" protective of their own biological offspring, which is nonsense. Notice that dad JOSEPH SICHONE deliberately targeted his biological son, and left his step daughter alone. Maybe because he felt more "entitled" to kill the boy, just to show the mom that Daddy's Not Happy about her alleged transgressions.

A father in Nakonde strangles his biological son to death
December 17, 2011

Posted by: JT

POLICE in Nakonde district of Muchinga province have arrested a 37 year old man for allegedly killing his one year old biological child.

According to police sources, the accused Joseph Sichone of Katozi village in chieftainess Waitwika’s area, has been on separation with his wife for more than a week.

Sources said Sichone got a rumour that his wife has been having an affair with another man within the same village.

Sichone is alleged to have strangled his son to death whom he found playing with his three year old elder sister.

The source said Sichone sent the girl to the market to go and buy biscuits before strangling the boy to death.

When the mother to the boy returned from wherever she had gone, she found him bleeding profusely from the nose.

Neighbours told the mother to the deceased toddler that they heard the baby crying inside the house immediately after his father entered the room were he was.

They added that immediately the boy stopped crying, they saw his father walking out and disappearing.
They said this made the people in the entire neighborhood suspicious that Sichone was the one who could have killed the child. Members of the public immediately set out to look for Sichone whom they later found and handed over to the police.

The self-confessing muderer has stunned people when he asked them why they got so concerned when in fact the person he killed is his own biological child and that he spared the other child because she is not his biological child.

This also angered everyone including the onlookers who immediately descended on him and forced him to take the dead body to the police station. The body of the toddler is currently laying in the mortuary awaiting a postmortem. Efforts to get a comment from Muchinga Police Commissioner failed.