Friday, December 9, 2011

Dad convicted of murder of 7-week-old son (Sheffield, England)

Dad is identified as IAN HUTCHINSON. The baby had been in Dad's "sole care" for only 20 minutes when he killed him.

Father convicted of murder at Sheffield Crown Court today
Published 9 December, 2011

South Yorkshire Police Temporary Detective Inspector Ian Fidler said: "This is a tragic case which led to the death of seven-week-old Barnsley baby Kieron Hutchinson at the hands of his father, Ian Hutchinson.

"Kieron was in the sole care of his father at the time of the incident, which occurred at a family address in Sheffield on 3 September, 2010.

"Kieron’s mother and grandmother were shopping for provisions for the youngster as they were due to attend a family party. They’d been away from the address for around 20 minutes.

"During this period Kieron’s condition deteriorated. An ambulance was called to the house and Kieron was taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, where he received treatment.

"Kieron had no marks on his body, but after examination, it was identified that he had sustained injuries consistent with impact trauma, resulting in a fractured skull, and injuries including haemorrhaging of the brain and eyes, which are associated with shaking. "Unfortunately Kieron died of his injuries four days later in hospital.

"Our investigation established that Kieron had been seen by the family GP just hours before he was taken ill. He had undergone a thorough examination and was noted as progressing as expected for a child of his age.

"This family was not previously known to either police or social services.

"This case lay in the overwhelming medical evidence and who, other than Ian Hutchinson, could have been responsible for the injuries sustained by Kieron.

"The jury found that the rapidity of Kieron’s demise could only have been at the hands of his father.

"We hope this verdict provides some closure for the other family members, who have been devastated by this incident and the loss of a young child. We offer our deepest condolences to all those affected.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many police officers and staff who have worked on this sensitive and difficult investigation and the wider members of the prosecution team."