Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dad accused of killing son wants custody rights to surviving kids; judge lets him have unsupervised contact (Orlando, Florida)

Wrap this around your head if you can. Accused killer dad TIMOTHY DAVIS SR. is not only NOT parked in jail until trial, he's being allowed to pick up his kids from school. Including a daughter WHO WITNESSED THE MURDER. He wants his custody rights!

This is the triumph of fathers rights, folks. Daddies can do whatever the hell they want, and the system will not hold them accountable. Shame on Judge Jenifer Davis.

Ex-OPD Officer Accused Of Killing Son Back In Court
Judge Allows Timothy Davis Sr. To Pick Up Kids From School

POSTED: 5:56 pm EST December 13, 2011
UPDATED: 6:45 pm EST December 13, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A former Orlando police officer accused of killing his son was back in court, arguing for custody rights to his other children.

Timothy Davis Sr. won a victory of sorts Tuesday when a judge granted him the ability to pick up his younger children from school, including his 9-year-old daughter who authorities said witnessed the killing.

The retired police officer is accused of shooting his son, 22-year-old Timothy Davis Jr., to death at their Apopka home in what he said was self-defense after his son attacked him, injuring his knee in October.

"We're simply asking that he be able to function as a father to his children, and (we) don't think that has, again, any legal significance one way or another," said defense attorney Michael Lefay.

Timothy Davis Sr. appealed to the court that he be able to drive his 9-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son to and from school, and to take them to sporting and church events, activities that their mother said they miss doing with their father.

"(They're) crying, whining, asking why daddy can't go," said Davis' wife, Tarsha Smith.

The former police officer is on home confinement, living with his relatives.

"The state's concern is that one of these two children is a witness to this case, and we're talking of putting him in a car with access to that witness and her sibling every day, unsupervised both to and from school," said Assistant State Attorney William Jay.

The judge granted the motion with caution.

"Mr. Davis may not speak with his child or witness at all about this case or what was seen that day," said Circuit Judge Jenifer Davis.

The judge also said that the retired police officer can take his daughter to church activities, but not to sporting events.

Davis' attorney said it was a partial victory.

Meanwhile, Davis' wife said the family is hoping to have her husband back in their Apopka home before Christmas, but it's all hinging on a report from a psychiatrist the family is seeing.