Monday, December 19, 2011

Dad of 9-year-old driver pleads guilty (Detroit, Michigan)

We've reported on dad SHAWN WEIMER before. Apparently this incident occured during Daddy's visitation.

Dad of 9-year-old driver pleads guilty
Published On: Dec 19 2011 12:02:06 PM EST
Updated On: Dec 19 2011 12:29:56 PM EST

DETROIT - A Michigan father who let his 9-year-old daughter drive because he had been drinking has pleading guilty to second-degree child and allowing an unlicensed minor to operate a motor vehicle.

Shawn Weimer's daughter has testified about driving her father's van in the wee hours of Oct. 8. She said she agreed to drive but felt a “little scared” when her dad consumed half a bottle of whiskey.

Surveillance video from a Citgo gas station on Telegraph Road shows Weimer explaining to the clerk that his daughter was his designated driver for the night.

"I got, I got a designated driver," he said. "Nine years old. Nine!"

Weimer told the clerk his daughter is a good driver and that she was driving him around because he was drunk.

"She drives us here. I swear to you. Nine years old. In the truck. We're here. She drove all the way here," he said.

The girl can be heard on the video saying, "And I parked."

Someone called police after spotting the pair stopped at the gas station.

Weimer was arrested after police in Brownstown Township stopped the van and found the girl behind the wheel.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 23.